• A Change Is A-Cook

    22 May 2008, 02:29 by WhereImGoing

    No need to preface it, other than to say it's the finale of American Idol. Let's get to it!

    Opening number with the Top 12, and it was actually a decent number. The fact that they had dancers to distract from the choreography was probably part of it. I'm surprised there wasn't a "So You Think You Can Dance" plug in there.

    Performance #2 is a duet with David Squared, doing Hero, and it's definitely meant as a David Cook track. David Archuleta is so out of his element on the track that it's hard to understand the logic in putting them together.

    What's an American Idol finale without a truly shameless plug for a movie? They sure got it out of the way quickly, with Mike Myers and his upcoming "The Love Guru". It was actually a funny bit, with the shaving attempt on Cook, and the "boom boom" comment that seemed to fly over Archuleta's head, at least initially.

    Oh, look...Syesha Mercado gets a duet with Seal! On paper…
  • My 20 Favorite Songs of 2007 - brief retrospective

    2 Jan 2008, 01:27 by mangoluvs

    Looks like this is going to be a tradition of sorts for me.

    Every year, I discover some great music. Most of is found serendipitously, often through the last.fm radio feature.

    This year's countdown:

    20.Talk Talk
    What an underrated band and amazing song! The Party's Over is an especially good album.

    19.Da Funk
    No wonder why everyone seems to sample Daft Punk. They are rather innovative. Catchy song!

    18. I Believe
    Just discovered them a few months ago and I'm impressed.


    Another underrated band: a-ha. Everyone seems to only know them for Take on Me. Don't get me wrong. It's a great song! But they have many more songs people should listen to:

    17. Manhattan Skyline
    16. Lifelines
    15. I Wish I Cared
    14. I've Been Losing You

    13. Under Your Spell
    I searched and searched for this dance track. I'm not disappointed.

    12. Satellite
    A friend recommended this song and I'm glad he did. It was on my favorite playlist for a very lengthy time.