• Cleveland Takes Hold of The Flame with Queensrÿche - Includes Setlist

    20 Sep 2007, 22:19 by sablespecter

    Tue 18 Sep – Queensrÿche, Audiblethread

    This was an offdate show for Queensrÿche, who are presently touring with Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper. They are not playing too many offdate shows during the run of that tour. Qÿ was last here in Cleveland last November on the tour for O:M II. I was unable to see that show, though I desperately wanted to. I suppose the next best thing is the Mindcrime At The Moore DVD. At least you get to see Ronnie James Dio actually sing his role live on that.

    Audiblethread, a local band from Cleveland, opened. At times they reminded me of something somewhere between Pearl Jam and Incubus. I don't think there was any link between the two bands and Geoff never mentioned them, and this is the only date that they opened for Qÿ, so my guess is that the local promoter here in Cleveland simply lined up a local band to open. They played about 45(?) minutes, which was about 30 minutes longer than my attention limit for them. …
  • Song Of The Day - 18 Sep 2007: Queen of the Reich

    18 Sep 2007, 19:50 by sablespecter

    Queensrÿche / "Queen of the Reich" / Queensrÿche (1) / Aug 1983

    Artist: Queensrÿche
    Original Album: Queensrÿche
    Track: Queen of the Reich

    Originally done in a 1981 demo by The Mob, as the lineup of Chris DeGarmo, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, and Scott Rockenfield was then known.

    Later recorded in late summer of 1982 when they asked Geoff Tate of Myth to record vocals for this EP. So this song technically predates the existence of the official Queensrÿche lineup.

    Originally released on 206 Records, the initial reviews of the EP were strong enough that Geoff joined the others full time and the band was signed to EMI, who the re-released this EP.

    This song was the basis for the name change, intentionally changed to Queensrÿche to avoid any association with Nazism or the Third Reich.

    I hope they will play this tonight, as well as Prophecy, which is an out-take from the Rage for Order sessions and did not appear on this EP until the 1989 re-release…