• 2008 In Review

    31 Dec 2008, 00:50 by xtiandeth

    Album Of The Year:
    Portishead - Third
    A triumphant return. 2008 did not get off to a good start with reunion albums (see disappointments), but Portishead manage to surpass even Dummy with this, my pick for album of the year. Every song on this album is brilliant and as a whole it's even moreso than the sum of its parts.

    2. Scarlett Johansson - Anywhere I Lay My Head
    Largely panned by critics, I loved the 1987 4AD feel that this album had. Sure, Scarlett doesn't have a particularly great voice. But guess what? Neither does Tom Waits. David Sitek's production creates a lush and lavish environment that embraces and nurtures Johansson's voice. I strongly feel that had she not released this album under her own name, but rather under a band name (a la She & Him), there would have been a significantly different reaction to this record.

    3. TV on the Radio - Dear Science
    This one's on everybody's list. You've heard it. No explanation is necessary.

  • Uncanny Rattles at Night Time: Johansson Sings Waits

    24 May 2008, 23:58 by Mantaar

    This is mostly a copy of my original blog post

    I’ve been a huge Tom Waits fan ever since I listened to Frank's Wild Years for the first time. His exotic grumpiness, his vocals, lax and stern at the same time have fascinated me from the beginning. The music is alsways a bit chaotic, most of the time the instruments provide only a thin layer, every one is just covering its own spot, its own frequency, while Waits’ voice paints the songs in melancholy and wisdom. For me, Waits is like a father I never had, he feels like someone able to teach you about the miserable aspects of life, about pubs, prostitutes and alcohol. And music.

    I’ve never really heard much about Scarlett Johansson before; I knew she was some kind of Hollywood celebrity, but I never really was into Hollywood nor celebrities. Only after investigating a bit I realized I had seen a movie starring her: Lost in Translation. I didn’t really like the flick though, it felt mediocre.