• New Hoarse tapes: horsing/Zebra Mu, Dotabata/Tar Pits + HNW

    10 Sep 2010, 20:03 by sxesven

    Been a bloody while, eh, fuckers? Well, I return a bearer of excellent fucking news. As of today the first two tapes on Hoarse Records are available. Hells. Yeahs. These things sound and look absolutely fucking ace. I could not be more excited!

    HOA-029: Dotåbåtå/tar pits - Split (C36, ltd. 30)

    The first tape here has two of Australia's finest drone/ambient señors showcasing some of their very best work. On the A side we find Carey of Dotåbåtå with what's probably his singularly most amazing work yet. An incredible track that builds so, so hauntingly from sombre, distant chimes to a crushing, droning thunder that will devour you whole. Incredible craftsmanship at display here. The B side has Dan of Tar Pits offering a beautifully understated work that is all soft crumblings and tumblings, a crescendo constantly about to happen - yet it doesn't, and the tension is maintained wonderfully throughout. Fucking ace!


    27 Apr 2010, 21:26 by sxesven

    Hear ye!

    It’s about that time. New Hoarse material, peeps. Dig it.

    Where Is This – Fucker (3” cdr, ltd. 30)

    Where Is This? Yes, that’s pretty much what I’m wondering. As soon as Fucker breaks loose I am disoriented – the fuck? Where Is This would seem to be a matter of locus – place – but if you ask me, it’s about a state of mind – which, it seems, is nothing other than loco (en el coco, yes). Within seconds, Fucker transports you straight into Mark Ward’s head, and you’re not sure whether this is a fully comfortable spot at all. Things loom and lurk, then tempt, and then draw you in; sickly sweetness pulling you into full-on harsh darkness. Twenty minutes and a good pummeling later you’re spewed out again – Being Mark Ward; eat that, Spike Jonze – bruised and beaten, destroyed – longing, yearning for another go. Fucker will bring you down.

  • Synopsis Week #13 (sans iPod) - 23/03/08/-30/03/08...

    2 Apr 2008, 20:49 by quimtessence

    No thresholds this week. Probably because I haven't been at my computer much. And it's been a slow week all in all. Oh, well.

    I'm getting lazy with these things. I used to make the journal post as soon as the charts were in. The writing up took less than half an hour. I was on such a roll. Now I just want to get it over with. Okay, so it doesn't yet feel like actual hard work, and I'd rather not stop post the weekly synopsis because it does such a great job of accounting for my varying musical taste. Yeah, so still on, but just barely. I need a revamp or to be in a better mood.

    [1]. (46) Laura Pausini: I naturally imagined it would be her to top my charts his week. She was my childhood sweetheart, the one whose album I used to obsess over. The first ever pop album I lip-synched to in its entirety. Ah, childhood memories... Strani Amori is still my favourite and the Laura album, her very first, is still one of the best I have ever listened to.