• Top 50 Favorite Glee Songs

    9 Mar 2015, 20:06 by WarrenM2008

    In 2009, the FOX network premiered the teen musical dramedy Glee, created by executive producer Ryan Murphy. The pilot episode aired after the American Idol 8 finale on May 19th, 2009. Glee aimed to shed a light on high school stereotypes, and they covered every last one of them: from the gay guy (Chris Colfer's Kurt), to the crippled kid (Kevin McHale’s Artie), to the curvy powerhouse (Amber Riley’s Mercedes), to the Gothic Asian (Jenna Uskhowitz’s Tina), to the dumb blonde (Heather Morris’s Brittany), to the dude that barely got a speaking part or even a solo, for that matter (he left after the first season to embark on the solo career that never happened).

    Along the way, however, Ryan Murphy began to realize that his characters were high school students, who weren’t going to stay in the glee club forever, and he wanted to keep them on the show by any means possible.

    In season four, the show split its storylines between the New Directions in Lima, Ohio, and the graduates’ college lives in New York City. …