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Sacralis is one of the many female metal bands that were born in 1993. Although not all did so with the quality of these teutonic, founded by Marita Kircher (vocals, guitar) and Miriam Storz (drums).

Unfortunately their story is also an oft-repeated in these era bands. Years of hard work demo after demo, first album release and immediate separation.

They style is old-school death metal with guttural vocals and amazing heavy riffs.

They Began their journey through the stages in 1994 following the incorporation of Nadja Popp on bass. Still as a quartet, with Britt Mauer’s vocals, the band started to play across Germany. Later they were joined by an inexperienced Bianca Hiller on keyboards.

In the years to come Sacralis shared the stage with Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Old Mans Child, Tristania, Sinister, Krabathor, Krisiun, Defleshed, Jesus Martyr, Ritual Carnage, Mystic Circle, Gorgoroth, Night in Gales, Myrkskog, Goddess of Desire, Atrocity, Orth, Apophis, In Extremo, The Exploited.

Britt was dismissed for professional reasons after opening for The Exploited in Stuttgart, what lead Marita to take over the microphone.

With the experience gained in three years they recorded their first demo, “Abstract Metamorphosis”, which needed a second edition after the first batch of 100 copies were sold out.

A year later, in 1998, sacralis produced their first EP, “bortaS”, after which Bianca left the band due to ill health. No one replaced her live, while in studio the keys were played by Nadja.

As a trio, the group released their first LP, “Infera Destino”, composed entirely by Marita, a great album which unfortunately marked the beginning of the end of the band. Internal problems on the direction to take in the next “Pho-Bos”, which never saw the light, caused the disband of sacralis in 2002.

Marita Kircher founded Mevatron, inactive since 2003, Nadja went to the Norwegian band Mandylion separated after releasing two demos, while Miriam is with the germans thrash band Nuclear Warfare.

Marita Kircher – Vocals, guitar
Miriam Storz – Drums
Nadja Popp – Bass, keyboards

Former members:
Britt – Vocals
Bianca Hiller – Keyboards
Marijana – Bass
Michael – Guitar

1996, “Abstract Metamorphosis” (demo)
1998, “bortaS” (EP)
2000, “Infera Destino” (LP)
2003, “Pho-Bohs” (unreleased)

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