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In the late 1980s, Haywood Jablomi and Thomas “Fingers” Chelsea met on the set of an adult film in the San Fernando Valley to discuss music for the film. Together, they have been funkin’ their way through the pornos for over 20 years. With Haywood on bass and Tom on guitar, the band was joined by keyboardist Sid Getzoff and drummer Richard “Dick” Long. They called the first incarnation of their group “The Sex-O-Rama Band.”

“At first” says Haywood, “we were only in it for the money…well…the money and the sex…but mostly the money. But later we realized that this is the greatest music ever made and we were born to play it!”

After the band was sued for illegally covering music from classic 1970s pornos in their first album (now out of print), they released a second album of original music from their own film scores in 1998, which included the hit “Love Muscle.”

The album was a critical disaster. Dick famously ranted “The critics are all gay!” which didn’t help their case. Soon the band found themselves doing what they do best, writing “film scores” for the Adult Entertainment Industry again.

In 2003, Dick died suddenly, while snorting cocaine off a pornstar’s…well…you get the picture. The official report said he died of a heart attack… “but we all knew it was from a broken heart” says Haywood. “He was the one most devastated by the negative reviews of Sex-O-Rama 2.”

The next year, the band was joined by drummer Ivan Ardon from San Diego, who got his start drumming for live sex shows in Tijuana.

In 2004, The Sex-O-Rama Band shortened their name to simply “Sex-O-Rama.”

In June 2011, Sex-O-Rama released their third album, “SEX-O-RAMA 3: Menáge á Troís” featuring lots more wah-wah guitars and funky bass. The album also features guest appearances by pornstars Muff Nevada on “Pizza Man” and Rachel Sunnybrook on “Let’s Do It,” doing what they do best.

While most of “SEX-O-RAMA 3: Menáge á Troís” has that ’70s sound, it is notable that they have also introduced music from the 1980s, with “Ferris Baller Gets Off” and the title track “Menáge á Troís” which features Candy Silverstream singing the Prince-influenced funk jam, which is, incidentally one of only two songs with lyrics, the second being the vocoder-driven ’80s-styles funk jam “Riding Lessons”.

Yet through all this era-shifting blue-movie time-travel, the personality of the band comes through. Sex-O-Rama is back!

Now, Sex-O-Rama is once again in the recording studio working on their fourth album, which will include titles from many of their greatest “film scores” from the 80s through to the present day. The new album will feature guest vocals by Tripod Love and Saxophones from Woody Woodcock and Big Vic Bates.

The new album, “SEX-O-RAMA IV: Dirty Little Secrets” will include music from “Invaders From The Pleasure Planet” and “Backdoor Bondage B*tches.”

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