• If the bad news is really good is the good news really bad?

    12 Feb 2012, 21:12 by CyclopsEyeMusic

    First, the ‘bad news’: S C H M O Ehas left the Cyclops Eye Music label nest and opted to sign with White label Music (WLM). They will be releasing an album (cd & digital) on the label in 2012. This bad news is actually good news for both S C H M O E and Cyclops Eye Music (and all its artists and (ahem!) would be artists), for it presents opportunities to reach larger audiences and such attention might find its way into the backwaters of our very own nest (of vipers) and the musical delights within . Keep your eyes and ears out for S C H M O E in 2012. GO S C H M O E!

    So what’s the good news? And, if the bad news was good, is this good news really bad?

    Maybe. You’ll not know until it’s too late in any case…unless you heed those warnings in the back of your mind and stop reading right now. Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses, fresh from their foray into film (if you haven’t seen, do see Used To Be Genius (explains a lot, that title))…
  • 2 New Videos from FJIC

    26 Jul 2010, 21:36 by CyclopsEyeMusic

    Hello. Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses have released two new videos for We Come For Your Love and Not Even Me from their recently released album In The Key Of Sequel. Here's the links:

    Thanks!Farmer Joe & The Ignorant CorpsesS C H M O ECloud PartyIn The Key Of SequelNot Even Me
  • In The Key Of Sequel

    1 Jun 2010, 02:12 by CyclopsEyeMusic

    In The Key Of Sequel is yet another non-sequitur titled album from those fellow who definitely DO NOT FOLLOW, Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses.

    On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010, FJIC gathered into Farmer Joe’s Hen Haus studio to write and record this album in their particular free-form, ad-lib fashion.

    This was a successful endeavor.

    After a three or so month gestation in that womb-room, the Hen Haus, pestered and prodded by Joe’s hatchet hands (and the occasional back-up vocal), the resulting fetid farrago has been birthed and, worse, infects now your own ears, drowning out your fear mounting – WHAT IS IT THAT YOU HAVE DONE?!?!

    Now breathe deep…and repeat…and repeat…and repeat….

    It's not that bad, really. You get used to it.

    It may put some people off, but you'll find just how useful that can be, let me tell you. My sister-in-law HATES FJIC, and it has (thankfully) caused a chasm between us to crack wide and deep,

  • FUTURE FABRICS - Analogue Island 31. Friday 8th January 2010.

    6 Jan 2010, 18:43 by HealeyIsland

    This is a repost of a mysteriously deleted journal for this coming Friday's show.

    Join me for the first Analogue Island of 2010. This is the future and it is not how we imagined it at all. In a rather perverse move, the future is represented by some forward looking, but definitely retro-feeling, psychedelic and folksy music. HELP! MY FACE IS MELTING!

    This week's Analogue Island includes offerings from, but not limited to, the following minstrels of the coming age.

    Black Feather
    Brad Fielder
    Dash Jacket
    Frost Faire
    Woodland Heights
    Leaping Boy
    Chad Golda
    S C H M O E
    Hungry Owl
    Dick and Libby Halleman
    The Wind Whistles

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    Listen to the previous week's show on Friday from 7.30pm GMT

    Repeats are played out on Thursdays @ 8pm UTC/GMT.

    If you are confused about the time the show goes out - go here and scroll downhttp://analogueisland. …