• Club Hardcore 2nd. compilation

    7 Feb 2007, 15:34 by mrkwang

    Around 1 decade ago, there was a Club named after "Hardcore" in Korea. Several bands played there, and they released 2 compilation albums until the club closed business. This is the 2nd. album of them, and released at 1999. What a end of the century album.

    Well. I can't tell you this is excellent masterpiece. At that time, Recording technique of Hard Core - Punk in Korean scene was not so good, so this album doesn't have very well recorded music. Almost demo compilation, or something like that? Maybe.

    However this album is another history of Korean scene. You could check early period of Rux, somewhat different from recent act. And you could feel very strange, when you find Punk(Rux) - Nu Metal(Dr. Core 911) - Hardcore(Seoul Mothers) all together in a compilation album, named after "Hardcore".

    What a good old days, or what a strange old days.

    Track List

    01. 무식 쌍판 - Seoul Mothers