• Nick Cave - The Exhibition (part 2: Flims, Books, Poems, Diarys and Paintings)

    12 Jun 2009, 15:41 by BlackCoffeeDuck

    Well I'm back with my part 2 about Nick Cave - The Exhibition. There is really so much there it's unbelievable. You could spend days, weeks, months or even years, maybe that is going too far, looking and reading everything. There is so much to read too. Some people seem to have a quick look and move on to the next thing but you are missing so much by doing that.

    He's a writer and he's more known for his songs but his Novel And the Ass Saw the Angel is amazing in it's raw draft form as on show here but we also go back to the film script called Swampland not The Birthday Party song Swampland but his first screenplay with the same name dated 1984. Off course the film was never made but was to become his first novel. On the first page which describes the opening sequence as a slow, aerial, track across: the township, Hopper Hill, Cane fields, up the main road, to swampland into a clearing where a figure stands which goes into a close-up of Euchrid Eucrow but this one long shot doesn't finish there it goes right into his eye…
  • The Boltonesque Bulletin #1

    14 Jul 2007, 18:17 by SauceBlanche

    Russell Crowe is focusing on a solo career after a minor but still boltonesque success with his former band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.

    Tommy Nilsson, the hunky swede with the golden voice who brought boltonism to Sweden has divorced his wife Malin Berghagen after 12 years of marriage. The exact reasons are not known, but one can suspect that Malin, who is the offspring of swedens most hysterical couple Lill-Babs and Lasse Berghagen couldn't fully integrate the serious commitment the boltonesque life beholds.

    The new single by Hansi Hinterseer Es grüßt der Wilde Kaiser is in stores now!