17 Aug 2009, 19:30 by nickspacee

    i have to say a negative about each of my top fifty artists!!! so, here goes!

    1. Britney Spears
    I don't like that she doesn't always sing live and that she made Radar a single off of Circus when it was already on Blackout !

    2. Lady Gaga
    She's not very photogenic and I intensely hate how she tries WAAAAY too hard to be different. but i love her music. <3 you gaga.

    3. Jeffree Star
    All of his songs only have to do with sex, violence, and sweets. It gets boring after a while. Except Prisoner and Love Rhymes With F**k You are really good tracks. I can't wait for Beauty Killer

    4. Rusko Star
    My only negative is that he doesn't release that much music! I want more music! He only has about 4 songs... boring.

    5. Boa
    Her album BoA was a total flop...which makes me sad. She has put NO effort into advertising her music...therefore she is flopping all over the place.

    6. Heidi Montag
    Opposite! You fame-whore yourself too much! And you're in the jungle performance of "You're Twisted" was not a smooth move. …

    25 Jul 2008, 18:38 by Myaxe

    Metal is deep, it's not about bitches and hoes like hiphop! Metal is about something REAL like dragons used as metaphors to describe what a long haired ugly man feels towards his vacuum cleaner. I am proud to be metal, and to be able to resist the temptations of FALSE METAL such as KoRn which is totally gay. KoRn and Slipknot others are disgrace to metal such as Disexistentsium or Spermswamp. Spermswamp at least isn't about sexual molestation or about bitches and hoes. Metal is the only reason this world still exists! Metal is LIFE! Metal is POWER! Metal Prevails!! Metal isn't primitive or catchy or loud like stupid music like Raunchy or Mnemic. I am sick of this shit you people should go and fucking die all of you!! I AM METAL AND IT MAKES ME SUPERIOR TO ALL YOU FALSE BELIEVERS!

    Also Ghost Linking isn't metal so I will just fairly list the artist connections here.
    Iron MaidenManowarLimp BizkitLinkin ParkKornSlipknotRadioheadThe BeatlesRammsteinJustin TimberlakeCannibal
  • 50 Reasons Why Radiohead Sucks

    19 Jun 2008, 14:46 by Myaxe

    Bob was walking down the street when he saw a CD store. He went in and bought a CD. Bob was happy.
    The End.

    RadioheadIron MaidenLimp BizkitRusko StarKornSlipknotThe Black MagesThe BeatlesDisexistentsium
  • Black Metal is Sexy!

    6 May 2008, 17:16 by Myaxe

    Here is proof that Black Metal is very sexy and attractive. I didn't put these into any special order, so everyone can choose their favourite.

    Burzum Varg Vikernes really does really show the female vocals side of black metal, that is indeed very attractive:
    Also he had some more masculine looks too:
    He really looks like a real heavy metal man in those two...

    Ok I know it's lame and old to do stuff about Burzum, so I added something else here too...

    Taake Ok...Ummm...I have nothing to say about this one:

    Darkthrone The True God of Commercialized Black Metal. Very popular, but still extremely sexy! I wish I wouldn't hear his stuff every day on the radio, but it kinda saves me from watching the vids from MTV. The vids would turn me on so much...
  • Why Limp Bizkit is better than Iron Maiden...

    29 Apr 2008, 14:45 by Myaxe

    This is the explanation to why Limp Bizkit is better than Iron Maiden:

    I'm gonna list good things about both bands, and then bad things about both bands.

    Limp Bizkit:
    - Original Concept of mixing rap and ""metal"".
    - Catchy.
    - The music is not complete GuitarWHORING.
    - Some nice agression on the older albums.
    - They have some Talent.
    - Lyrics that have at least some meaning.
    - Dj Lethal gives the music a small experimental vibe
    - They are more heavier than Iron Maiden. (Tho this is a controversal one since it's hard to define heavyness in music, but I think this is pretty obvious.) (Also some people don't like heavier music, so the fact that it's a GOOD THING is just my opinion.)
    - This music has Testosterone that is not used in a gay way.

    - Got too commercial and MTVish.
    - Results May Vary is a bit POPpy, tho it has some good tracks on it.
    - Fred Durst had to whine about Britney Spears...

    Iron Maiden: