• Fifteen

    16 Apr 2009, 11:07 by inthegoldmine

    Be it known that I don't have anything of any real significance to say, and I'm going to suggest songs that perhaps aren't A-sides.
    That said, I've obviously spent a lot of my time listening to these artists, eating cheeseburgers, and trolling the internet--so I may be onto a thing or two.


    Edguy are without a doubt, my favorite band. I border on fucking obnoxious trying to push these guys on my friends. My last three or four boyfriends probably hate the shit out of Edguy right about now.

    Listen to:
    Sex Fire Religion
    Catch of the Century
    Tears Of The Mandrake
    Save Us Now

    Bruce Dickinson is the only reason I would ever consider it cool to take a fencing class. Until I got in there with a bunch of D&D nerds who wanted to know if my system was configured for warfare games.

    Listen to:
    Strange Death In Paradise
    The Alchemist
    Sacred Cowboys (lol)
    Born in '58