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Ruellia were a band active from 1999 to 2000.

Little information is known about Ruellia, however they seem to have been signed to Voiceless Records, whichi they might have been to only band on. The label were owned by their bassist Azumi.
He, however, did have another label as well entitled GREAGOL, on which QROSS were signed.

The band then revived in 2014 and announced the release of a new single and album. They also opened a new OHP.

Vo. イリア ~ Ruelliakc+loidカルアDUH緊縛少女
Gu. 焔 ~ Ruelliakc+loid(Ba.)
Gu. 翔霧 ~ Ruelliakc+loid(刃霧)
Ba. Azumi ~ CROW-SIS(Nopi) → D.I.S.C.(NAO) → Eye for you(安見 尚→AZUMI) → RuelliaQROSSEveLanus Dune
Dr. 猟奇 ~ Ruellia → THE ACTOR OF PARASITE → Allegory Pill(猟奇) → DUH(Ryoki)

Gu. 糾 ~ RuelliaLanus DuneAllegory Pill(糾) → DUH(Azana)
Gu. 哀綺 ~ 破裂の人形ロザリオ(Vo.) → Eye for you(Dr.AIKI) → Ruellia(Gt.哀綺) → De stijllia
Gu. Tatsuya ~ ロザリオ → Ruellia
Dr. 京也 ~ 破裂の人形 → dileis-lei → ロザリオ(Support) → THE CAT FOOD LOUNGE → ALIZMIR → RuelliaDe stijlliaカラス天狗

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