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Rosegarden Funeral of Sores is a darkwave band from Poland. Full of praises for love, beauty, death, religion and God, their music combines classical, medieval and East European folk styles.

The group started as a duo in 1990 when Magda Majka met Tomasz J. Podgórski in a music store. The first concep album appears in 1991, "My Inside Garden" is the expression of blossoms and curses. A couple months later "Gathering of Flowers" appears as a result of a cooperation with a pantomime theatre. It was an instrumental work, a sampled symphony. "Taste the Sky 'Till It Bleeds" was born in 1993. It sets against religion in opposite to the "Love God", which explains the essence of God.

In 1993 Marta Hryniewicz joins Rosegarden, but in 1994 Magda Majka left. "Immagination" and "In the Garden" appear as a return to a slow, heavy guitar sound, followed by a beautiful music inspired by Charles Baudelaire's poetry "Les fleurs du mal".

In 1995 Rosegarden started to work on "Novenna". In 1997 Rosegarden signs a contract with the German label Hyperium. "Novenna" is the first official album, produced and published in 1997. After the release of "Novenna", Marta Hryniewicz leaves the band, which becomes a solo project of Tomasz, who at the same time starts to record new material for the new album. The project was called "Body With Sunlight" and was mostly inspired by Hindu culture.

In 1998 Rosegarden creates the music for a play called "The Mirrorr" by the Theatre of Movement "Gry i Ludzie", inspired by Hieronim Bosch. In 1999 Rosegarden appears on "Hindu Days" playing Indian ragas on the sitar with the same people from "Gry i Ludzie".

The new album "Body With Sunlight" was to be released by spring 2000, however Hyperium broke the contract at the end of 1999. So far none of the producers showed any interest in the music, so it waits for better days. In 2000 Tomasz started a new side project with his friends Rafal Trzcionka who was fascinated by ambient, industrial, electro sounds, and Aleksandra Fila who is art performer, painter, poetess and vocalist. The project was called Uran and released an album titled "Crossing the Streams", and some remixes from it under the title "Biomechanoid Blues".

In the mid October 2000 Tomasz played Indian ragas again with the same people from the Theater of Movement "Gry i Ludzie" at Colors of India Expo.

Tomasz J. Podgórski - composer, producer, vocals, guitars, sitar, zither, Ukrainian dulcimer, Vietnamese dan tranh, arabian oud, Turkish saz, bass, tabla, dholak, darabuka, sampler, drum programming, loops
Magda Majka - vocalist, bass, sampler
Marta Hryniewicz - vocals
Aleksandra Fila - vocals
Rafal Trzcionka - bass, guitar, sampler, drum programming, loops

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