• Jesse Sprinkle: producing at Bluebrick Recording Studio

    21 Nov 2007, 21:22 by puddlegum

    At the age of 31,Jesse Sprinkle has accomplished a tremendous amount as a professional recording artist, performer, producer, photographer, and designer. His work has varied from `90s alternative to metal, from emo to classical guitar… begging his fans to ask, “What will Jesse do next?”

    Sprinkle has toured and recorded with a long list of bands over the past fifteen years. Now his creative mind is focusing on his Bluebrick Recording Studio in Avon, New York. Over the past twelve months Jesse has produced at artists such as: Fusion, Subcolour, Blue Was a Bear, The Wrong Mind, and Courtney Streb. Sprinkle has a gifted eye as a photographer, amassing thousands of artistic photographs as he toured the world. He also offers his photography services at Bluebrick Recordings, drawing upon his catalogue.

    “Bluebrick Recordings is a 24 track digital recording facility operated by Jesse Sprinkle and George Hochbrueckner. We are people devoted to real art created by real humans for real reasons. …