• rodrigo y gabriela @ the warfield

    10 Feb 2008, 09:50 by rone

    Sat 9 Feb – Rodrigo y Gabriela
    Look, Rodrigo y Gabriela just fuckin' rock. I will belabor this further, but that's really all you need to know, and if you're in San Diego, Tucson, Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, buy a ticket now and go see them on their current tour. If you're in Denver, Austin, or Tokyo, good luck finding a scalped ticket.

    Kim and i picked up my stepson Dave, and had dinner near his place at Yama Sushi (excellent prices, and they had mirugai sashimi... mmm, mirugai). Afterwards, we headed to the show. The openers were two random dudes, one on electric guitar, the other on harmonica, xylophone, and saw. They were mediocre at best; not offensive, but clearly not very good musicians. Afterwards, the sound guys played a Shakti track that was really good; it wasn't very long, so i'm guessing it was "Lotus Feet". Right before R&G came out, they played Tool's "The Pot", which really warmed the crowd up; i've never seen intermission music used so effectively before.
  • Artist Of The Week - 19/02/07

    22 Feb 2007, 19:05 by teebee

    Late again! Tragedy! This week's winner: Rodrigo y Gabriela.

    I'm totally into Mexican cinema at the moment, and it just so happens I may well be getting into Mexican music, too...

    I can't claim to know a lot about Rodrigo or Gabriela, but I can say that they're both bloody good at playing the guitar. I have both Rodrigo y Gabriela and re-Foc and they're both a fusion of rhythm: stumming, plucking, drumming and maraca-shaking, it's all foot-tappingly good.

    You can imagine basically every one of their songs being featured in any Latin-American film, and all the better of it. Not really any singing, but the infectious rhythems always make up for it.

    Lovely lovely songs: