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  • Born

    29 January 1943 (age 74)

Rodney Rude (born Rodney Keft in Bathurst) is an Australian 'blue' stand-up comedian, poet and writer. He is infamous for his bawdy humour. He has released 12 albums and 4 videos throughout his long career, most of which are distributed by EMI Music Australia.

He began his career in a band, singing and playing guitar, before his habit of altering the lyrics to amuse himself saw him become a comedian. In 1969, he left Australia to tour the United States and Canada. He returned in 1981, after being asked by his friend Barry Wain, to found the Comedy Store in Sydney. He was its first compere. He was arrested by Queensland police in the mid-1980s after offending officers during a show in the state. His shows have been subdued north of the border as a result. The album Not Guilty was a result of this incident.

According to his website, rude.com.au, his absence from the comedy circuit in 2004 was due to his recovery from a motorcycle accident on his property, which required him to undergo a knee reconstruction.

Rodney is currently touring Australia for the last time. A CD & DVD will accompany the tour, the CD was released on November 11 and the DVD will be released in the near future.

His Comedy

Rodney Rude's comedy is sexual, insulting and explicit. As a result, despite some early media appearances his act is restricted to live performances. He did appear in a campaign for Big Ben meat pies in his heyday in the 1980s.

Staples of any given show include:

* His trademark laugh.
* Mildly racist humour - in the age of political correctness, Rodney Rude has been forced to tone down some aspects of his comedy, however he still enjoys making digs at Asians, with particular reference to penis size.

* Heckling by members of the audience. Rude is known for his fiery responses to interjections from the audience. Common replies include "Ah shaddup mate, I fucked your (insert family member e.g. sister/uncle) last night", or "Funny mate, reaaaal funny. not as funny as your sister looks like with nothing on ya dumb fuck!". Many members of audiences consider it an honour to be personally insulted by Rodney.
* The use of various gags, props and wigs, all of which are tossed backwards over the stage curtain by Rodney.

* Dirty limericks, occasionally presented as rap songs, and with occasional audience participation segments.
* Original songs, accompanied by his guitar, including

o I Hate Cats
o I May Not Be A Wog (But I Look Like One) (a video clip for this song was made for one of his videos)
o Rubber Vagina
o Well-hung Plough Boy (parody of Glen Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy)

Well Known Gags/Props: Rude has developed/constructed a number of objects intended for use in conjunction with his act. They include:

* 'Bob Marley's roach clip' - a giant pair of tweezers, offered to male patrons suspected of leaving to visit the toilet, along with the question: "Going for a piss mate? Got your tweezers? Here, borrow mine!"

* A moving, wooden effigy of Rude having sex with Pauline Hanson. The dummy moves in such a fashion that as a lever is slid, Rude's (unnaturally large) 'penis' slides in and out from between Pauline's rear end.
* A moving, wooden effigy of Rude with John Hopoate. The dummy moves in such a fashion that as a lever is slid, John Hopoate's index finger being poked up Rude's rear end. (A spoof of the John Hopoahte finger poking incident).

* "Half-Rude" suit - Rodney has constructed a suit that gives him the appearance of being 4' tall. He walks on his knees, presumably on some kind of cushioning, with his feet protruding backwards into an enormous derriere that he waggles and bounces off for emphasis of a joke and comedic effect.

In recent album releases, he has included personal answering machine messages (some of which are now on his website), which are free for personal use. These are in the same vein as his shows.

Influences mentioned during his include his grandfather, and a personal friend, Big Nuts Nudge.

Quotes from his shows

* "I hate that."
* "Last time I was here, I was raped. Uncle Red got down and flogged me with a hunk of bong hose. That's why I came back."

* "My mate Big Nuts Nudge has a target tattooed on his arsehole, so all the poofters know where to shoot their spoonta."

* "Now listen trendsetters…"
* "I fuckin know you!"
* "Good ole Big Nuts Nudge goes down to the Klanga servo with a dog on his cock to buy a chocolate milk!"
* "Nits" he had fucking nits

His Personal Life

He is married to wife Pat, has children, and lives on a property in the Illawarra region. He is a member of ARIA, through his company, Kermelda Entertainment.

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