• John R. Cash

    30 Jul 2009, 20:46 by Li_zzy

    Yes, this is the actual name of the great country singer Johnny Cash. I can go on and on about how fantastic the man in black is, but I would be telling old news then. However, I fell in love with his music a couple of years ago and even became the music my boyfriend and I both love. We both have comments on each other's music (he more on mine than I on his, but that aside), but we do love Johnny Cash. Even so much that we started a collection, but we already lost track on who has which album.

    A couple of months ago, on a hot, but pleasant spring day, somewhere in April, there was a market going on. My lover and I decided to have a look at it. Since it was a market where people sold their old belongings, we might have a chance to sniff around in their recordcollections. And boy, did we succeed! My guy is crazy about vinyl as well, however, his kind of music can't be found on sleazy markets. But he sure loves to help me to find my kind of music and he is somewhat my second opinion. …
  • March Mix

    1 Apr 2006, 11:17 by MonkeyHeroes