• Here ends the first decade of the 21st Century

    30 Dec 2009, 07:35 by Karmagrl

    Seeing as 2009 ends in less than 2 days I thought I'd compile a list of songs that really impacted and that were there with when I needed them to be in 2009:

    10. When We Were Beautiful by Bon Jovi

    Whenever I listen to this song I get a sense of lost hope and reflection - to when things were perfect. This year I definitely had the feeling of wanting to "get out of the rain" during the "storm". As the song progresses the sense of hope is re-established and that is how it is in life: there are good times and there are bad nothing lasts forever. I love how this song portrays that, its very comforting especially during these times.

    9. Riverdance by Enya

    Riverdance is the first of two songs on this list that do not have lyrics. In fact I have another 2 songs where the lyrics are not in English. This demonstrates the universal element to music. Enya is one of my top Artists I was introduced to her music through Lord of the Rings she song "May it Be (Evening Star)". …