21 Jan 2011, 18:20 by no_conclusion

    Steve Hauschildt, one third of Emeralds, made an intricate mix for our Guest Mix series, accompanied by a full on essay on the concept behind it, so we’ll just let him do the talking:
    “It is something of a study in both new and old musics, often synthesizer-centric, covering many types of media (compact disc, vinyl, film, video game, training video). Regionally it is mostly American, although some French, Japanese, and British tracks are included as well. Stylistically not ‘really’ bound, except by certain structural conventions across popular and rhythmic musics. Rather, it is biographical in a sense, many of the songs are more obscure tracks by well-known artists/public figures. The track by Madonna, for example is an unreleased demo track before her signing to Sire. The Innocent displays Trent Reznor’s keyboard work in a little-known AOR band before his time in such acts as Exotic Birds and Nine Inch Nails. The Mylène Farmer as well…