29 Nov 2009, 10:39 by ChudleyCannons

    Brooke and I went all the way out to North Carolina to partake in what will likely be one of the top most musical events of my life (right up there with the Ben Folds Five Reunion last year.) Granted I have a somewhat sick addiction to North Carolina bands (that does stem out of Ben Folds Five). Anyway, SnuzzFest afforded us to see some bands that I never, ever, EVER dreamed of seeing live. Let alone Master Snuzz himself. Brooke, Mel and I did get a special treat December 2007 when Snuzz played us a few songs in his living room, but for such a musical genius we of course felt blessed (but a little cheated too.) So getting to see Snuzz preform live was. Huge. HUUGGGE. A huge wagering point into making the flight from Chicago to just be in North Carolina for 48 hours. And worth every damn penny. But before we actually get to SnuzzFest itself, let's talk about the night before.

    We got to NC without a hitch, despite being a small hitch at the hotel. …