• Songs, Albums, Bands and Experiences Of the Year: 2009-Year Of the Band and Britney!

    26 Dec 2009, 05:14 by BritneyFanFeva

    New Discoveries: (in order)
    Epica/Never Enough/The Obsessive Devotion/The Divine Conspiracy/Design Your Universe-March
    This year I had the pleasure of finding the band Epica on the great wide web. Credit goes to Youtube! I was just searching through the Great Metal Vocalists With Female Leads video's for fun and I found the song Never Enough. I listened to it and just kept GOING and going searching and finding new stuff to love. Never Enough really spoke to me, and now I have them in my life, I honestly think out of all the artists I've taken a liking too over the years. They seem to be the most well thought out, expressive, talanted, breath-taking, thought provoking, involving and overtaking bands EVER. I literally feel like I'm within the music it's that brilliant. Simone is now one of my favourite singers ever (as a singer myself), so classic yet expressive with power and emotion. She is an amazing woman and inspires me as a vocalist and singer. …