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There are five artists that go by the name Rise Above:

1. A hardcore punk band from Norway founded in 2015

2. A hard rock band from The Netherlands founded late 2009,

Lars Uyttenboogaart - Lead vocals, guitar.
Rik Heebing - Lead guitar.
Romijn Sanders - Bass guitar
Sander Helmink - Drums

Rise Above started as a project from Lars Uyttenboogaart and Romijn Sanders. Few months later the first demo tracks (‘The Demo Tapes’ – Rampage and Empathy) were recorded with Rik Heebing as leadguitarist and producer and Rise Above started to be more like a band than just a project. It would take another year for Rise Above to finally grow in the solid heavy rock band it is now.

In that year Romijn Sanders left the band, Rik Heebing joined as lead guitarist, Sander Helmink joined as drummer and eventually Romijn Sanders rejoined as the bassist for Rise Above. Together with singer and guitarist Lars Uyttenboogaart Rise Above became a proper and mature band.

With their upcoming debut single ‘Stand My Ground (2011)’ Rise Above will deliver three energy blasting songs that are all different from each other but still have a certain similar sound. The catchy riffs and the powerful voice of Lars is what makes the band standing out.

3. A Belgian straight-edge band. Some members formed NATIONS ON FIRE later on

4. A grindcore band from Japan. Named after the song Rise Above by the grindcore gods themselves, Napalm Death. It is unknown when the band formed but it is known that they broke up in 2001. In the time of their existence, they released two albums, two splits, and contributed a few tracks to the compilation Murderous Grind Attack.

5. A punk rock band from Bulgaria.

2005-2009 - Disbanded
Rise Above is a punk rock band from Sofia City, Bulgaria .The idea of Rise Above was born in 2005 by Stanko Tomov and Drago Aleksandrov. Soon after that Georgi Aleksiev joined them.The main concept was to make the music they've always loved - punk rock,highly influenced by bands like Blink 182 , New Found Glory , NOFX ,etc. As the years pass the rest of the Rise Above's line-up takes shape, and the current line-up includes

Stanko Tomov (vocals)
Drago Aleksandrov (guitar/vocals)
Angel Marinov (guitar/vocals)
Boral Shen "Shemeta" (drums)

Different people have taken part in the band a period of time. Past members include Georgi Petrov, Peter Petrov, Vladi, Ruslan, Dimitrius Adamopolus, Angel Angelov.

Rise Above's music is a mixture between pop-punk and punk rock. The lyrics are based on different things that mattered for the band or on things that happened in their lives. Like feelings, friends, disagreement, etc. The songs are mostly written in English, but Bulgarian language is used for some of the tracks. The idea for tha band name came from Stanko and was agreed upon immediately by the rest of the band. The meaning that the band put behind the name is to 'rise above' everything that stops you, to 'rise above' your problems, fears, limits and narrow mindness.

Rise Above members are heavily into the skateboard and the inline skating scene, with two skateboarders and one aggressive inline skater in the band.

Rise Above's first show was in May 2007 and was followed by many shows in different cities in Bulgaria, most often in their hometown - Sofia city.

Rise Above's first official album is called " Never Mind The Darkness",released January 2009.

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