19 May 2012, 16:02 by SuperLeona

    “Ready to change the way you hear music, JAZZ the way you like it. “ That’s the first thing you’ll read when you enter the Dji Sam Soe‘s official website. You can interpret it as you wish, but for us it means one thing: The MAGNUM FILTER URBAN JAZZ CROSSOVER is back for another great round in 2012!
    From the first edition in 2008 this event has been placing jazz in totally different atmosphere. It’s true that we’ve seen jazz crossing the borders many times, embedding other musical styles/genres, creating a new breed, musically speaking. But in this annual event, jazz crossover is the main headline and dipped in the sound of urban world. They always try to spoil the audience not only with wide arrays of jazz crossover; all the way up to the unthinkable blendings in multitude; but also with the stunning futuristic stage concept along with high-tech stuffs that can change our perception of enjoying a concert. …