• WWW: The Worst 08 Weekend in the whole World

    12 Aug 2008, 06:21 by iSyd

    Well ya know,

    I won't claim to be an Isaac Hayes fanatic or anything or know all of the stats and stuff, but he is a legend in my book and I just want to show my appreciation.

    1st off, I LOOOVVVVED the Isaac Hayes Club in Memphis. I hated it when it closed down :( It was Truly a place for the Real grown & sexy. My fondest memory :) was going there after a Rickey Smiley show, looking all good and dancing and stuff and Rickey cutting up on the dance floor. I celebrated my 21st there. The vibe in that junt was just always good-spirited and fly.

    ..Speaking of Rickey, I hate I missed his birthday celebration in Dallas this past Saturday. Being that Bernie Mac passed that morning, I'm sure he was properly honored during the event. A comic genius and philosopher-- Mr. Mac, in stand-up and various characterizations, gave me plenty of words to live by ( teehee ;> ): "If somebody doesn't like you the way you are, F*CK 'EM! F*CK 'EM! All Up Against the WALL f*ck em" LMAO :)) That's What's Up. …