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  1. Tukaaria is a one-person black metal project from Los Angeles, CA. Formed in 2010, Tukaaria first appears on a split cassette with Black Twilight…

  2. Black Twilight entity, from the infamous Black Twilight Circle

    Worship Black Twilight (6-way split; Ashdautas, Volahn, Arizmenda, Kallathon,…

  3. Ritual Kaos Worship of Indigenous Power.

  4. Odz Manouk is/was a one-man black metal project formed in 2005 and hailing from Long Beach, California. Although it has been implied that other…

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  6. Violent and shamanistic chaos invoked by horror & anxiety.

  7. Noisy Black Metal from Portugal.

    Demo 1 (2009)
    Purification Through Sacrifice (2009)
    Under Satanic Philosophy (2009)
    Human Poisoning…

  8. 1) Atmospheric black metal from León, Mx. Listen to Premonicion De Guerra
    at bandcamp

    2) Demoscene Musician

    3) Japanese doujin ongaku vocalist.…

  9. Black metal from Brooklyn, New York, featuring Mike Rekeviks from Fell Voices, Sleepwalker, and Ruin Lust.

  10. Shataan: Guitar, flute, vocals.
    Volahn : Bass.
    Murdunbad: Drums.

  11. Uškumgallu is the spiraling descent into despondency and dolor. A black metal manifestation of one's fears, disgust, and shame in the form of…

  12. Bone Awl is a black metal band from Novato, California that formed in 2002. It consists of two members, He Who Crushes Teeth and He Who Gnashes…

  13. 1. Glossolalia is a one-person extreme metal project formed in 2006, with recorded material through 2009. Crepusculo Negro recently released a…

  14. 1. Absum* (U.S.) is a Funeral Doom project formed in 2007. Member of the Black Twilight Circle, alongside projects such as Ashdautas, Volahn,…

  15. Dark, hallucinatory black metal.


    "MMXIV" - EP (2014)
    "Death Essence" - Demo (2014)
    "Predatory Light // Vorde" Split LP (2015)

  16. Bekëth Nexhëmü plays raw improvised black metal with Their spirits flowing through the possessed hymns. Bekëth Nexhëmü is an manifest to the…

  17. Black metal from the US, part of the Black Twilight Circle.

  18. Cosmic Church is a black metal band from Tampere, Finland, formed in 2004. Their lyrical themes deal with space, occultism, nature, Satanism.


  19. Mysterious, twisted and angular black metal from Oregon. Shares members with Furdidurke.

  20. Black Twilight entity, from the infamous Black Twilight Circle


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