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What defines a rap star? In this day and age, it’s certainly more than beats and rhymes. Hip hop’s biggest celebrities are not simply individuals; they are brand names, recognized as much for the moves that they make away from the recording studio as for their Billboard hits. To truly earn respect in a world where the fickle tastes of consumers change daily, it is now necessary to be a personality as well as a musician. Every aspect of that personality must reflect hip hop’s core image, that of the multifaceted hustler, someone who is able to personify the culture’s do-it-yourself ethos, translating it from the streets to the boardroom. Judging by those criteria, one would be hard-pressed to find an artist more deserving of this moniker than Remo Da Rapstar.

Raised in the rugged environs of The Bronx’s Castle Hill Projects, Remo certainly has the pedigree to earn respect from even the toughest of street soldiers. However, it is Remo’s versatility which has earned him the respect of his peers and helped distance himself from the scores of thugs-turned-rappers. His rhymes touch on topics that all people can relate to their lives, from the humorous to the romantic to the violent. Remo’s unique delivery and clever wordplay has made him a featured artist on the mixtapes of the nation’s top deejays, such as Kay Slay and Big Mike. As mixtapes have become the primary outlet for breaking street-level talent, competition for appearances on them has grown fierce, with slots only being allocated to the most promising prospects.

Not content to be one of many featured artists on such mixtapes, Remo is planning to engage in an aggressive campaign to position himself atop the list of rap’s rising stars. Leveraging the relationships that he has cultivated both with the top mixtape deejays and the retailers who vend their products, Remo plans to unleash RAPSTAR PHENOMENON, the long awaited, much anticipated street album debut. Unlike other wannabe music moguls, Remo’s hands-on mastery of mixtape wholesaling through All City Distribution, another of his business ventures, puts him at a distinct advantage in positioning his product for maximum exposure.

More than just a mixtape, RAPSTAR PHENOMENEON will be a full-fledged album, conceptualizing Remo’s real-life ascension from street-level rhyme-slinger to full-fledged music mogul, all the while espousing a message of positivity tempered with realism. Remo understands that violence and jealousy are a part of life, but his music reflects a man striving to abandon the destructive forces surrounding him. The song “Just Say No” sees Remo turning his back on the illegal hustle and uplifting others to do the same. “Happy Father’s Day” describes the plight of children growing up in fatherless homes, encouraging young men to handle their familial responsibilities.

RAPSTAR PHENOMENON also features an impressive array of collaborators, particularly for an independent album. Some of hip hop’s biggest deejays, such as Clinton Sparks, DJ Dirty Harry, DJ Vlad & Green Lantern, are set to contribute as hosts of the album, while heavyhitting producers such as The Heatmakerz (Cam’ron, Lil’ Flip) and Ron Browz (Nas, 50 Cent) will be manning the boards. RAPSTAR PHENOMENON will feature collaborations with some of New York’s finest up-and-coming talent, as well as an international collaboration with Booba, the rapper hailed as the “50 Cent of France.”

Ultimately, Remo doesn’t strive to be the hottest rapper in the game, but the smartest. His years of building relationships within the hip hop community are finally paying dividends by allowing him to escape the politics that can crush the careers of even the most talented artists. Flying below the major label radar allows Remo to control his own destiny, putting him in a position to work with labels, not for them. While he possesses the unwavering confidence necessary of any young artist, Remo is even more certain of something else, “Nobody out hustles me. I could show you a thousand different ways to get money.” Rapping is only one of those ways, and a mastery of all of them is necessary for the success of any true rap star.

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