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    15 Jan 2009, 01:28 by bolgy99

  • Who I saw in 2006, and what I thought of them!

    1 Mar 2007, 02:57 by ed_d

    This is a list of who I saw perform in 2006 and how I thought they went on stage (something different and more enjoyable than reading a list of bands and nothing else). Any comments or questions are welcome.

    Def Wish Cast - They were really good. Did a bit of break dancing and all of that in between...kept the crowd involved which is always a plus. They performed pretty well too. I like their songs and they performed them pretty well. They're kepping the bboy alive!

    Hermitude - Pretty good live! They had some live remixes etc and made up some tunes on the spot which was cool... got the crowd involved too. They wandered off a little at the end but overall a good duo to see perform. I've seen El Gusto (the DJ) seperately as well and he's been good then too.

    Resin Dogs - I saw them in big band mode and they were really really good. They definitely know how to work up the audience and create a party atmosphere. Sounded great, definitely recommend them!