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"Reason Enough" - is a 5 piece group with a unique sound, deeply rooted in late 80's - early 90's styled New York Hardcore. Bringing about a fresh sound with humbling similarities to the forefathers who rang in the glory days of "old-time" NYHC: *Agnostic Front, *Warzone, *Madball, *Sheer Terror, *Sick of it All, *Crown of Thornz, *Biohazard and *H2O.

They are by no means a shameful copy to those throw back HC bands but are bridgeing the two eras to bring about a fresh new look at the proven and true NYHC sound. They hail from Staten Island, ("Shao-Lin") NY, aka "The Forgotten Boro", standing head and shoulders above a scene diluted with pseudo-screamo and pop-punk-imposters. Musically, their sound is filled with pure "emotion and spirit." Their collective, musical output is an arsenal full of life's anguish and aggression, instilled with their lifelong blue-collar ethic.

Formed 6 years ago under a different name and after many failed beginnings, they've been thru numerous line-ups before finally settling on the name "Reason Enough" and the lineup which hits the stage these days. They've seen the good and bad of this dying and whored scene yet always manage to pull thru stronger than before. They are a classic NYHC band reborn in a new day when "real" HARDCORE bands are becoming scarce.

They've suffered and survived for years and watched as band after band crumbled and fell apart. They've shown an unflinching "determination and perseverance" in tough times and an overwhelming "loyalty and commitment" to a scene which many of their peers wrote off when they weren't able to "Make It" or "Get Signed". They've succeeded where many have failed despite the many bumps in the road. Through it all, they've done the one thing that many other bands seem to have forgotten how to do, "Be true to themselves, their music and their want to just make it fun!"

"REASON ENOUGH" isn't just 5 guys who make music together and, in such, are not just a group of friends. "REASON ENOUGH" is FAMILY! They refuse to be broken down, packaged and categorized. They refuse to fail and will never falter when bad times arise. For those of you into real classic NYHC check out "Reason Enough"…


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