• Recommended Psytrance #1

    10 Dec 2009, 23:15 by Praetorianer

    Woah! What a great day. Today I received the new Wildthings Records release, the album called Another Reality by one of my favorite acts, RealityGrid (or Reality Grid, based in the UK. RealityGrid used to be the project of both Alex Diplock and Leon Kane, also known as Avalon. After Avalon left for Nano Records, Diplock continued the project on his own, besides his other project, E.V.P.

    The label homepage states the following:

    Alex has completed the next chapter of the RealityGrid project, his 4th album release and this now his solo project presents the 2nd album - Another Reality (WildCD011). This highly anticipated release is now in stores and webshops across the globe, 9 tracks ranging the full tempo range from 138-148 bpm, there is something for any point in the party, we think this great sound quality fused with original storytelling should bring this project great success around the global scene.. Another corker for you dj bags!!

  • New psychedelic trance set (Jan 2008)

    27 Jan 2008, 13:08 by no-nonsense

    Made a new mix with some current stuff I've bought recently. Enjoy!

    ((( Listen/Download )))

    Format: mp3 cbr 192 kbps
    Running time - 61:37
    File size: 84.7 MB

    Ninja - Show Time (VA - Parsec, Oxygen)
    Astroschnautzer - Gaia Maa (The Debut, Space Boogie)
    Mr Peculiar - Elevation (VA - Satellite, Oxygen)
    Scorb - Yodyssey (Ipso Fvcto, Trick)
    GOASIA - Taboo (From Other Spaces, Suntrip)
    Digicult - The Way In (Avenida de Belgica, Avigmatic)
    RealityGrid - Feedback Therapy (VA - Alpha Rhythms, WildThings)
    Hydraglyph - Psyops (VA - Pulsar, Oxygen)
    Prometheus - The Logic of Polyphonic (Corridor of Mirrors, Twisted)
    Setherian - Critical Overflow (Postrancepose, Oxygen)
    Imaginary Sight - Shiva (VA - Imaginarity, Glowing Flame)
    E-Mantra - Crop Circles (VA - Mainspring Motion, PAR-2)
    Ka-SoL - Skreno (Fairytale, Suntrip)
    Vishnudata - Villa Ghee People (Dreamforce, Space Boogie)