• New Reaction 7 Album Released

    16 Dec 2013, 03:13 by frankfogg

    The new Reaction 7 album Old Stuf has been released on the Very Generic Productions label. It features 12 songs not included on previous Reaction 7 albums and features Frank Fogg on guitar, bass, keys and vocals, Chris Celleghin on percussion, Chuck Trimble on guitar, Karen Baluch on vocals and Caitlin Fogg on vocals.

    Old Stuf will be available worldwide at a variety of internet retailers and download sites.

    You can visit Reaction 7 on the web at to learn more about the band and future album releases.
  • New Reaction 7 Album coming!

    14 Nov 2013, 14:05 by frankfogg

    A new Reaction 7 album is planned for release by New Year's Eve, 2013. It will feature several all new songs and new arrangements of previously released material. Check back soon and we'll have all of the full-length tracks available for you to preview.

    Reaction 7 is available worldwide from a variety of electronic download music retailers.

    Another Frank Fogg solo album is planned for the summer of 2014 and will feature more original songs by this solo artist.
  • New Reaction 7 album Old Stuf available soon worldwide

    15 Aug 2008, 04:41 by frankfogg

    A new album Old Stuf by Very Generic Productions artists Reaction 7 will soon be available for electronic download at a variety of sites worldwide! This is their first album in 2013 and features a variety of all new songs.

    You can visit Reaction 7 on the web at a variety of locations including their official website at, the Reaction 7 MySpace page at, and at Reverbnation by logging on to

    Old Stuf closely follows the band's tradition of off-beat, off-tempo, and off-subject songs that create a sound that is less commercialized and different from the formula songs so commonly heard. They work hard at sounding different and sometimes succeed!

    Another album is planned for release in the fall of 2014 with more all new songs. Check back often for more information about this pending release.