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NEW 11 track colaborative album "EVOLVE" released in October 2011 and available to purchase from http://rayspark-industries.bandcamp.com/ for only £7, in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. Also includes a digital booklet containing information on all synthesisers and software used to make the album.

For more tracks visit http://soundcloud.com/rayspark-industries

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About myself:
Musician/sound designer experimenting with sound. Limitation = Imagination!

08/10/09 - Rayspark Industries have returned from retirement have released an new EP, Klonk Klang for your listening pleasure, enjoy
Also check out our soundcloud page http://soundcloud.com/rayspark-industries for more and a free download or two.

03/06/09 - Rayspark Industries have joined soundcloud.com - you can help develop the Rayspark Industries sound here by commenting on tracks and suggesting changes

07/04/2009 - After reaching over 1000 listeners Rayspark Industries, at this time known as RSI, have digitally remastered their second album - Zep Tepi from 1995 - all tracks available as free downloads for a limited period!

10/02/2009 - After reaching over 600 listeners and in old time honoured stylie Rayspark Industries, at this time known as RSI and their first album release, have digitally remastered another classic - Concept 94 from 1994 - some tracks available as free downloads!.

19/12/2008 - For all you experimental synth headz out there take a listen to Rayspark Industries new "Jams and Remixes" album for some cool sounds.

16/12/2008 - after reaching 400 listeners, COAX Special edition version is now digitally remastered and available on last.fm, some tracks are available as free downloads. Orginally created in 1994/1995 this gives an insight into the origins of the Rayspark Industries sound.

Rayspark Industries have released a new album Spherical flow released 26/09/08 on last.fm. after reaching 200 listeners.

Added Gilamesh project to last.fm. Drum and Bass meets dub and electronica with experiments galore. Please feel free to take a listen and download one or two gems.

Electronic musician and sound designer, producing experimental electronic grooves with shifts in beats and styles under the name "Rayspark Industries"; Trying to break the genre barriers… Google it and see or click http://www.discogs.com/release/204120 for last release on EURK.

Also released a white label on the old LUSH label (http://www.truelove.co.uk/catalog_master.asp?label=LUSH) and two albums on MP3.com "Funkmission (One)" http://www.discogs.com/release/549638 and "Structured Chaos" http://www.discogs.com/release/549646 before they sold out to the big labels and kicked all the rest off.

First expo was Shuffle (Submix) on Future Music magazine cover CD, Issue 58 in July 1997 under the name RSI which I then developed to become "R"ay"S"park "I"ndustries, as we were a collective of myself Paul Darlington and guest musicians, i thought it had a better feel. Also sent in Zeptepi - Future Music edition and Waveguide.

BIG THANKS TO LAST.FM for the new space ;-)… Also a devoted keen listener and creator of the last.fm tags "" and "". Inspired by the likes of Plaid, 808 State, Orbital, Autechre and The Future Sound of London to name but a few…

Returned from retirement, now creating tracks using Ableton Suite 8, Reaktor 5 and various free vst's and effects to start a-fresh in the DAW world.

Here's a list of the kit i used to own to produce alot of this work:

Earlier pre-DAW work (pre 2009) created using Pre DAW Studio - kit list used on pre-DAW tracks for ref: ARP AXXE, EMU ESI32 turbo sampler, Jen Synthetone SX1000, Korg 05r/w, Korg miniKORG 700, Korg MS20, Korg Poly800, Marlin Synthetone SX2000, Powertran Transcendent 2000, Roland Alpha Juno2, Roland D5, Roland Rhythm 330, Roland SH101, Soundmaster STIX progammma, Yamaha CS01, Yamaha CS5, Yamaha EX5, Yamaha TX81Z + compressor, effects and a 24 channel Samson mixer all fed to a Sony DAT. Near field monitoring on Spirit Absolute Twos with Samson power amp.

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