• "Midweek Crisis" - 14th January 2009: Powerhouse

    14 Jan 2009, 16:51 by GrantRS

    Artist: Raymond Scott Quintette
    Track: Powerhouse

    In case there are any new readers confused by the title: My "Midweek Crisis" is an almost weekly journal I do on Wednesdays highlighting cool tracks that are either not what I consider to be the sort of thing I normally listen to or (if I can't find any of those) a cover. In this partiular instance we're looking at the former of those two.

    Imaginary kudos points are up for grabs to anyone who can guess how I came to learn the name of this track. (Don't google it - that's cheating...no wikipedia either)

    The Raymond Scott Quintette was a sextet of jazz* musicians whose music, composed by Scott, was often adapted into early cartoons and remains frequently inserted into movies and other productions today.

    * Though some would say the music they played as part of the sextet wasn't really jazz.

    Here's a 1955 performance: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=YfDqR4fqIWE
    It is fully streamable on last.fm though.