• Ray Wilson, eine Genesis-Bank

    3 Nov 2011, 22:07 by migwag

    Di., 1. Nov. – Ray Wilson, Genesis Classic Quartet

    Das Quartett war an dem Abend ein Trio: Ray (Gitarre, Vocals), Steve (Gitarre, Vocals) und Philip (Flügel, Samples).

    Wieder einmal hat Ray in gewohnter Manier alle alten und neuen Genesis-Fans bedient. Die meisten davon waren Radio-Klassiker wie No Son of Mine, That's All, Follow Me, Follow You, Land of Confusion. Mit Carpet Crawler und Ripples wurden ebenfalls Songs der besseren Genesis-Zeit zelebriert. Einige Solo-Klassiker von Peter Gabriel und Mike & The Mechanics waren ebenfalls am Start (Solsbury Hill, Biko, Another Cup of Coffee).

    Für einen Genesis-Abend wurden erstaunlich viele Songs gespielt, die nicht zu Genesis gehörten. Da waren Rays eigene Songs von der Change (z.B. Change) und der Propaganda Man (z.B. Razorlite). Vier Appetizer von Ray Wilson & Stiltskins neuem Album Unfulfillment durften ebenfalls nicht fehlen.

    Ray verstand es immer wieder, die Genesis-Songs in seiner speziellen Art zu interpretieren. …
  • Useless

    24 Sep 2008, 22:28 by Falconius

    Mi., 24. Sep. – Ray Wilson

    When i read the newspaper report about the upcoming concert by Ray Wilson, it said something like he was about to do some pretty old Rock'n'Roll songs in the acoustic fashion. That sounded great, for he may be the last professional singer to have enough in his voice to actually make early Rock'n'Roll like Chuck Berry sound great. He does not seem to know that or ignores it.
    He had his guitar player from their mutual band Stiltskin with him and they played a rather small club. Sounded neat and I got myself a ticket.

    I should have been warned by the name of the tour: Acoustic Genesis.
    Well I think it is virtually impossible for Ray to play any concert without being expected to play a bunch of Genesis songs. I had hoped he would keep that to a minimum and that this would be the downside of the evening. It wasn't. This concert turned out to be planned up to the demand for all the 50 to 60 year old people gathering for the occasion. …