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  1. 1) Brain Slug is a new NYHC band. For fans of Youth of Today, Agnostic Front, SS Decontrol, and DYS.

    "This sounds like scumfuck hardcore dudes…

  2. Nomos is 1) a hardcore punk band from Brooklyn, New York or 2) an Irish folk band.

    1) you are dust and to dust you are to return.…

  3. Hardcore punk band from NY/NJ.
    2010 - Spring Trash demo cassette
    2010 - Slump 7" on Katorga Works/Hesitation Wound
    2011 - Coming Of…

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  5. Omegas are a montreal based hardcore-punk band featuring an ex-member of Justice.

    The lords of slam-skank.

  6. Wiccans are a psychedelic influenced Hardcore Punk band initially from Denton, Texas. Often described as what would happen when SS Decontrol and…

  7. Fast, noisy, and angry hardcore hailing from KC, MO.

  8. There are two artists with the name Raw Nerve

    1) a hardcore punk band from Chicago, IL and Northwest Indiana. They have released a Demo Tape,…

  9. HC PUNK from Syracuse, NY

    2009 - 2012


  10. A pulverizing hardcore punk supergroup from Brooklyn, NY. Consisting of members from: Aerosols, Wasteland, Cancer Kids, Bucket Full Of Teeth,…

  11. 1) Most awesome band out of Athens Ga. this century.

    2) A punk band from Brooklyn, NY, featuring members of Natural Law, Creem, Nomos and…

  12. Members of Think I Care, Waste Management, No Tolerance, Mind Eraser, The Rival Mob and a shit-ton more. Has a self-titled 12" on Painkiller Records.

  13. Raw, degenerate hardcore that seethes with frustration and disaffection. Combining noise and thought, Confines songwriting is an unrelenting,…

  14. harDCore



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