• Recent Purchases

    5 Feb 2006, 01:16 by jewofunk

    About two weeks ago I finally upgraded my cassette copy of Core to CD, as well as picking up Purple. Both are pretty good, but I think I dig "Core" more. I've been a fan of Stone Temple Pilots for a while, I just haven't owned a CD, so they're just barely affecting my Last.FM charts.

    About a week ago I finally got Out of the Cellar. I've had Ratt for a whlie, but I've always thought that Ratt's sophmore effort was always stronger.

    I also picked up Signs of Chaos: The Best of Testament. I really dig Testament, and I'm kind of kicking myself for not having been listening to them for longer. Even the tracks are pretty good, and I normally don't like death growls. (Interesting note, my older sister Stephanie dated their original bassist for a while in the early 90's.)

    Then on vinyl I bought Demons and Wizards and Metal Heart. Both Uriah Heap and Accept are pretty cool, especially since they're both a little different from the normal Rock N' Roll and Metal I listen to.