• Music that will change your life

    23 Sep 2010, 10:22 by veash

  • Aplicaciones

    27 Jun 2009, 15:55 by ikerbera

    Como todo el mundo sabe, cuenta con aplicaciones creadas por terceras personas o ellos mismos para hacer más bonito el perfil. Hoy me he encontrado con esta (que personalmente creo que ha tardado bastante en salir, de hecho estube planteandome programarla yo, pero soy un puto vago xD). Básicamente lo que hace es un listado de la canción que se escucho al llegar a una cierta barrera. Se tiene que elegir un rango de entre varios preseleccionados, aunque tambien se pueden introducir cifras elegidas por ti (fijo que la 666 tiene mucho éxito xD)

    Mi resultado, de 1000 en 1000, más la primera escuchada y la 666 ha sido este:

    1: (2007-12-20 14:51:23): Pantera - War Nerve (Live LP Version)
    666: (2008-01-11 10:15:17): Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name
    1000: (2008-01-16 16:45:10): Blind Guardian - The Bard's Song (The Hobbit)
    2000: (2008-01-30 16:43:30): Blind Guardian - Journey Through The Dark
    3000: (2008-02-13 12:12:05): Konishi Kayo & Kondoo Yukio - Lilium
    4000: (2008-02-28 11:08:36): Rammstein - Spiel Mit Mir
  • Rammstein

    12 Nov 2007, 09:11 by donandre

    Rammstein is a great and well-known band with all kinds of songs from slower songs to heavy and hard guitar sounds and all with a lot of emotions in tune and text. It's a crazy world going from a place full of flowers into an urban chaotic desert within a few seconds. There's no safe place in this world, but they guide you and you learn to live and grow where there is mess and chaos. In all their songs there is always harmony and there's you. Listening to their songs you can gain self-confidence, I think that's why they are also popular among youngsters. That and because they're unconstrained by any of societies tabus.

    Favourite Songs: Reise, Reise, Klavier, Los, Du hast and many more.
  • My pants are sexy.

    30 Apr 2007, 00:50 by loltard

    Put your audio player software on random. Post the title of the first thirty songs that come up. Append "in my pants" to the end of each title.

    1. Generations Of Love in my pants
    2. You Sound Like Louis Burdett in my pants
    3. You Never Give Me Your Money in my pants
    4. Love Song in my pants
    5. I'll Never Fall In Love Again in my pants
    6. Mother Love in my pants
    7. someone to touch in my pants
    8. Shake the Disease in my pants
    9. I Broke It All in Two in my pants
    10. Spin Spin Sugar in my pants
    11. Psychological in my pants
    12. Time of the Season in my pants
    13. Human Behavior in my pants
    14. Enjoy the Silence in my pants
    15. Voulez-vous in my pants
    16. True Colors in my pants
    17. Love to Hate You in my pants
    18. Lollipop in my pants
    19. Here In Your Arms in my pants
    20. Lay Your Hands On Me in my pants
    21. Beautiful Day in my pants
    22. Klavier in my pants (Piano in my pants, for the Deutsch-impaired)
    23. Mama's Room in my pants
    24. It Can't Come Quickly Enough in my pants
  • 38 kuestions =O

    17 Feb 2007, 19:26 by XxCerebratexX

    01. Why did you decide to take this quiz?
    Track: Empty Spaces
    Artist: SR-71
    Comments: hum irony XDD

    02. Where will you meet your husband/wife?
    Track: Night Terrors
    Artist: Static-X
    Comments: Im Afraid of WTH Does this Mean XDDDD

    03. Where will you "hug" your wife/husband for the first time?
    Track: 25th Floor
    Artist: Tiamat
    Comments: WHERE I WOULD FIND A BUILDING OF 25 Floors in here XDD

    04. What is your secret dream?
    Track: Heaven Tonight
    Artist: Him
    Comments: Im Awarethat i love dreaming 'bout havin sum1 to love X3!!

    05. What song will they be playing at the morgue when they'll perform your autopsy?
    Track: Little More For Little You
    Artist: The Hives
    Comments: Even Dead I Will accept Lies dude XDDD

    06. Who will throw a party after you die?
    Track: Beside You in Time
    Artist: Nine Inch Nails
    Comments: This dont say too much butit scares me =o

    07. What song describes you when you're so drunk that you can't speak?
    Track: Buried Alive by Love
    Artist: Him
  • Rammstein - old vs new?

    2 Dec 2006, 01:10 by clockworkcookie

    I kept listening to people saying that Rammstein has turned into something new, that's very soft when compared to the old "heavier" Rammstein. I even read this one review at, that said Rammstein should split up after Rosenrot - not because the album is bad, but because the band was becoming way too soft to please their fans.
    Well, with the recent release of Völkerball, I've been listening to Rammstein a lot more than usual, and I think I have some right to dispute this argument. After all, I've known this band since the Mutter tour on 2001, when I first saw them live and became addicted, and I have a lot of recordings from them, albums, EPs, dvds, etc. I think I have some legitimacy, as a more or less older fan, to say this.

    First of all, the obvious - I don't think that neither Reise, Reise nor Rosenrot are inferior than older Rammstein records. They're very diferent, that I admit. What sets them apart is mainly that the songs are a lot more creative and experimental; when Mutter
  • Top 10 Artists

    7 Oct 2006, 03:27 by mace

    From Drunkfly's Journal.

    Without looking at the questions below, list your top 10 favorite artists according to

    1 Rammstein
    2 System of a Down
    3 Muse
    4 t.A.T.u. + Rammstein
    5 Linkin Park
    6 Deftones
    7 Red Hot Chili Peppers
    8 Interpol
    9 t.A.T.u.
    10 Foo Fighters


    Q: What was the first song you ever heard by #2?
    A: Chop Suey

    Q: What is your favorite album of #6?
    A: Only one, self titled: Deftones

    Q: What is your favorite Lyric of #7?
    A: My Friends
    "I love all of you
    Hurt by the cold
    So hard and lonely too
    When you don't know yourself"

    Q: What is your favorite song by #9?
    A: Lols. Shat. Dangerous and Moving

    Q: Is there a song of #1 that makes you sad?
    A: I don't know, this is probably the closestKlavier

    Q: What is your favorite song by #8?
    A: Either Slow Hands or Obstacle 2. Probably Slow Hands, but Evil and Length of Love are favourites too.
  • One of these silly music player games...

    8 Jun 2006, 03:16 by pandorina

    Music Meme

    1. Put your music player on shuffle.
    2. Press forward for each question.
    3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING!

    How are you feeling today?
    Lu:na {more like loony}

    Will you get far in life?
    The Haunted Mansion at Tokyo Disneyland {????}

    How do your friends see you?
    Uncertain Memory {weird}

    Will you get married?
    Closer {okay now that is just freaky}

    What is your best friend's theme song?
    Down Once More/Track Down This Murderer {wow that is wrong}

    What is the story of your life?
    Otherworldy Music {all I have to say is oh my god}

    What was high school like?
    Bois de merveilles{a drink of wonders???}

    How can you get ahead in life?
    Secret Garden

    What is the best thing about your friends?
    Phantom Of The Opera

    What is today going to be like?
    Oresama Shikou

    What is in store for this weekend?
    Klavier {this won't end pretty...}

    What song Describes you?
  • Rammstein - Rosenrot

    30 Nov 2005, 21:50 by rubicante

    I've finally managed to listen to Rammstein's new album. So here are my thoughts - as non-sensical and incoherent as they may be at 4 am.

    I like it. It may not be Mutter and it is no Herzeleid, but it stands on its own as a testament to the creativity of the band as well as their ability not to be swayed by what the public seemingly demands - which, by what I understand from most R+ fans, is another Mutter. What I respect about this band is that they make completely new music and are not afraid to experiment and perhaps get it wrong. I certainly have preferences as to what the songs should be, but I have yet to be disappointed by Rammstein in all my years of listening to them.

    I have been a fan since late 96-early 97, so that'd be nearly 9 years now. And I can see myself listening to the same music in ten, even twenty years. There is something very permanent about it. As much as I love pure rock music, industrial will always be my true love. …