• IPU playlist. may 8, 2013.

    8 May 2013, 13:08 by anthonycarew

  • Comming soon! Rainer - 8000 Feet Up Serialism Records 012

    15 Sep 2011, 16:13 by MEAN_SERIALISM

    Artist: Rainer
    Title: 8000 Feet Up
    Label: Serialism Record
    Format: Vinyl & Digital
    Release: September 2011

    Barcelona-born Rainer grew up in California, but it was his move to London in 2007 which led him to start collaborating with Cesare vs Disorder, playing out around town and beginning his production career with the popular “Neuralgia” under his belt. The obvious next step for him was to hitch his wagon onto the well-traveled route onto Berlin where he now presents his second release on Cesare’s Serialism Records.
    “X-Berg to San Diego”, a production in conjunction with the label’s head honcho, a paean to his newly adopted stomping ground and the town of his youth. A tough house beat leads with a funky guitar picking out groove along the way, an oscillating vocal hovering into earshot as old-school snares jack it up. Next up on the A-side is “Room 27” which features a dark crunching bassline dueling with a barrage of cowbells which slowly build up the claustrophobic rhythmic pressure. …
  • 2/5/08 Playlist

    5 Feb 2008, 13:22 by JoePill

    T. I. B. W. F. - The Budos Band
    I got this album and its sequel for Channukah. Quite frankly some of the most badass music being made today. Check this out, and support the Budos!

    Hard To Handle-Otis Redding
    Anybody who can't enjoy this song has something wrong with them. Otis was incredible, his passing was perhaps even more detrimental to music than that of Jimi or Janis. No, I'm not kidding.

    The Farm - Rainer
    Rainer was an amazing guitarist out of Tucson, brought up in Chicago, born in East Germany during the cold war. He had brain cancer about ten years back, his death and life largely unknown or recognized by the general public. I love this song, it allegedly "flowed" through Rainer; he would not take credit for writing it. A great talent gone.

    Georgia on My Mind - Danny Gatton
    More along the same lines of deceased unappreciated geniuses, the world's greatest unknown guitarist: Danny Gatton. This song really highlights his ability to combine his incredible country…