• London Loop: Leg 3 - Petts Wood to Hayes

    16 Jul 2011, 10:20 de TrimusDA

  • London Loop: Leg 3 - Petts Wood to Hayes

    16 Jul 2011, 10:19 de TrimusDA

  • My review of Rising by Rainbow

    21 Mar 2009, 22:33 de LupinZygzak

    Rainbow - Rising

    Never underestimate power of the first impression!

    Before you even start to listen to an album you notice its cover. Yes... that one's bad. In my opinion even very bad. Yes, I may be comparing it to metal albums' covers that I see all the time but hey, that's just my opinion! That was my first impression... but the second one wasn't to be a lot better...

    The album opener - "Tarot Woman" begins with REALLY terribly sounding synth solo. It may not be so dreadful composition but the whole electronic, "spaced-out" sound made a terrible impression on me. Besides, I hate soloing without accompaniment. Fortunately after a minute and a half, or so, the pain in my ears ceases and... yes.... there it is - guitar, bass and drums! Whooo! Now that feels great! And even the synth solo starts to sound better! And after a while... there he is! Our long-awaited Ronnie kicks in with a verse based on totally minimalistic guitar riff…