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    8 Jul 2007, 19:46 by Diabeu

    Blood streaming from my eyes
    But you will never hide
    Decide whats going on
    And fuck your hidden pride

    Watch me -You will never see me
    Rising - And your eyes are open
    Nothing - Justice is the pain now
    Fuck You - And the devil takes you

    Ride with the devil - Ride with me
    He'll take your life away - I'll take you away
    Lost in your own world - Pay nothing for this ride
    You'll never destroy our fear - Exept your soula and then your mind

    You're not supposed to be like me
    You decide

    You sold your soul for order
    So he could take it over
    The string he pulls inside my head
    At last I will discover
    True Meaning of our lord
    The devil inside my head

    Ride With the Devil