• Top 40 rekkids of 2013

    28 Dec 2013, 06:20 by KMFCM

    So, 2013 is over.

    It was bullshit

    I don't feel like talking too much about it.

    i will say this though. . . .

    Pretty much every top list for this year I've seen minus 3 or 4 (not counting friends) was made by someone who has mellowed out way too much (especially since a lot of these were "best of metal" lists.. . .really??).
    I can promise you one thing, even though my list isn't just metal, my list brings that HARSH. There was enough harsh to go around this year, but it isn't getting ackowledged by enough people. I will do that right here right now(basically, Sunbather is not on my list. . . .and you read my verdict, so you know I don't hate it. It's a fine album, it just doesn't capture the mood of 2013 at all. . .nor does any of the shit everyone is losing their shit over this year in an attempt to get normies to listen)
    . . .and the year was a bit overloaded, but I am pickier these days. . .so. . . here we go. . .