• Rotations (Nov 9-25)

    26 Nov 2007, 01:49 by liftmuziek

    My recent listening trends tend to be tagged by words like , , and , which is not really surprising, to say the least. I seem to prefer music without words, where it paints its own picture and tells its own tale within my mind. That story is mine; that music is the soundtrack to my life. These posts are chronicles of my listening patterns and the mental associations which they evoke. They are as much for me, as hey are for you, my anonymous reader. Enjoy.


    Arvo Pärt - Lamentate (ECM, 2005)
    In the realm of music, this Estonian composer (now at 72 years of age) plays a substantial role, often attributed as the pioneer of both: the mystic and schools. Arvo Pärt (pronounced "pairt") composed symphonies, choral and orchestral works, dating back into the 60s. And the experience shows. We're not talking about an "up-and-coming-producer", with a low budget to hire an orchestra. …