• Bands I've seen live

    2 Jun 2008, 14:03 by Skythedragon

    Number of different bands tally: 58

    Fri 30 May – Pinkpop 2008

    After this awesome but exhausting day at Pinkpop 2008, I thought it might be a nice idea to list all the bands/singer-songwriters I've seen live in my life so far. They aren't many, but hey, I'm still 16 so there's plenty of time. With each name, I'll write a very tiny "review" and give it a grade (1 to 10).

    Most bands listed here now are all those I've seen live, also including pinkpop 2009!

    Yeah it's 2010 now, and I'm 19 years old, 3 year further than when I started this journal, I definitely came a long way.

    21-10-10: Wow I love the venue called 013 in the Netherlands, Tilburg. Been there so many times now to so many awesome bands. It's almost like ALL my favourite bands go there. Go 013!

    17-04-12: Reviewing this list is a bit amusing to me. I think most of the grades that I've given these concerts was in perspective to how I saw it at the time. …