• Ripoff of the week: R.E.M. and Devin Townsend

    23 Mar 2009, 20:57 by phthoggos

    Heard R.E.M.'s "Mr. Richards" (which struck me as a very uncharacteristic R.E.M. song) in a bar and kept hearing similarities to other songs. Occasionally there were bits reminiscent of "Champagne Supernova," but there was something else that kept nagging at me, and I couldn't think of it while the song was playing.

    Came home and found the song, and immediately realized what it reminded me of so strongly: "Funeral" by Devin Townsend.

    Listen for yourself. They're even in the same key.
  • Personal top 12 album discoveries of 2008

    14 Mar 2009, 22:54 by Stubbsy67

    So this entry is almost exactly 3 months late - my two year anniversary on was 16th December last year, and I've been meaning to do this ever since but never got around to it. Yes so, as usual picking just 12 albums to encompass a whole year of discoveries is very taxing indeed, so expect the order to be vague to say the least! Also, to avoid what happened last year I've limited myself to one album per band, though I trust there will still be some controversial albums included ;-)

    Here goes, reverse order:

    12. Disturbed - Indestructible

    This was somewhat of a surprise. I've owned a copy of Ten Thousand Fists for a fair while now, and whilst it's pretty good it never really blew me away. I picked up Indestructible partly because I read very good things about it in Metal Hammer, and partly on impulse when I saw it for £5 in HMV. The opening two tracks are very strong, especially Inside the Fire. …
  • Meanings of R.E.M.'s songs

    18 Jan 2009, 13:37 by boy_in_the_well

    1.Sing for the Submarine - a specific story about a boy who escapes in a submarine in an apocalyptic future.
    2.Gardening at Night - this refers to a neighbor who worked in his garden at night.
    3.Radio Free Europe - Radio Free Europe is a radio network run by the United States government that broadcasts to Europe and the Middle East. The mission of the broadcasts is to promote democracy and freedom, but R.E.M. makes the point that this can easily cross the line into propaganda.
    4.Accelerate - about dealing with a world that's moving ever more quickly.
    5.All the Right Friends - about college life, and refusing destructive decisions.
    6.All the Way to Reno - about all those people that dream of stardom, but fail.
    7.Around The Sun - says: don’t give up on life, you do not know what next for you, stick around for another year or so and you might really come across a place that feels good for you.
    8.At My Most Beautiful - about Michael Stipe who is helplessly in love and he only…
  • The National, Modest Mouse and R.E.M. @ Merriweather Post Pavillion, 6/11/08

    12 Jun 2008, 23:44 by rand0mnez

    Wed 11 Jun – R.E.M., Modest Mouse, The National

    The National came on around 6:30 and played a great show. They started off with "Start A War" and continued with various songs from both Alligator and Boxer until they ended with "Mr. November", the last song from Alligator. Highlights included "Racing Like a Pro", "Fake Empire" and, of course, "Mr. November". The musicianship was quite good, especially their violinist who played some pretty awesome solos on a couple of songs.

    After the National left the stage, there was a bit of a break until about 7:30 when Modest Mouse hit the stage.
    Since they were the main reason I came to this concert, I was of course extremely excited. They started out strong with "Invisible", which is a surprisingly good opener for being the closing song on We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. After that Isaac Brock grabbed his banjo and started up "Satin in a Coffin", which was, of course, just awesome. …
  • Stipe and Co., the Semi-National, and the Mice at Merriweather

    12 Jun 2008, 18:30 by pilgrimage145

    Wed 11 Jun – R.E.M., Modest Mouse, The National

    Whew! I was lucky enough to get tickets, especially Right Lawn V ones. I really wanted to go, because, lets face it, R.E.M. are one of the best bands of all time, regardless of what you think, and seeing 2 big name, great Indie Rock bands open suit just makes it even more worth it. Awesome, awesome show, anyone who thinks R.E.M. are getting too old or are way past their prime MUST see these chaps live. Merriweather is also a gorgeous venue, lots of intoxicated people, as ElectricMelody explained in her review, but ah well. Here are the reviews/setlists of the bands!

    The National:

    Woww... forget me calling them the Semi-National in my title, these guys absolutely flooded. Even though there's normally 5 people in the group, there were about 8 live. The singer was in tune (I thought) the whole time and seemed like a nice guy, there was a fiddleist/keyboardist (he switched roles between some songs) that was out of this world, and the drummer. …
  • "Accelerate", R.E.M.

    24 Apr 2008, 11:23 by cesaracardoso

    Acho que posso ser considerado um fã "recente" de R.E.M., afinal só descobri recentemente os álbuns pré-Out of Time. Mas também achei Around the Sun um desastre completo, e na verdade dos álbuns pós-Automatic for the People só consigo simpatizar 100% com Monster, o resto ou é irregular ou é desastroso.

    E eis que aparece assim, do nada, Supernatural Superserious. E, quando ainda estávamos nos recuperando do baque, aparece Accelerate inteiro. É o álbum a ser batido em 2008, crianças.

    O álbum começa já dando pancada (letra e música) na cabeça do ouvinte com a raivosa Living Well Is the Best Revenge, e se sua cabeça chegar inteira à fantástica Hollow Man e seu início enganador, tem Houston e seu ar "Automatic..". Accelerate não faria feio em nenhum grande álbum de rock, Mr. Richards e Horse to Water são socos no estômago e I'm Gonna DJ... é impossível não gostar do rock-diversão de I'm Gonna DJ. Afinal, death is pretty final / I'm collecting vinyl / I'm gonna DJ at the end of the wooooooooorld... :D
  • Song 30.000

    1 Apr 2008, 12:56 by maarten325

    Song 30.000 was Sing for the Submarine by R.E.M..

    Song 29.999 was Mr. Richards by R.E.M..
  • R.E.M. - Accelerate

    25 Mar 2008, 12:07 by BrilliBi

    There they are again. The immortal, the ingeniously, one of the biggest bands of our times: R.E.M.

    People say that the new LP - well rather a SP, because of only 34 minutes playtime - is faster than Around the Sunor Reveal: Well they are fucking right. The new disc is fast, the new disc is rousing, its accelerateing. It's nearly like in the old R.E.M.-Days.

    Well i read lots of citiques of Accelerateand most often people are comparing "Accelerate" with "Monster" or "New Adventures in Hi-Fi" but i think this new album isnt really comparable. It stands alone like every other R.E.M. album. I think every R.E.M. album spots other feelings, other thinkings, other reactions and emotions. This new one is like standing on a high mountain while cold wind blows in your signed face. While climbing this mountain you hear "Around the Sun" and now youre at the top. You're free. The situation is relieving.

  • Accelerate Review

    19 Mar 2008, 00:21 by xTomer

    Let's see if I can write a decent review...

    As you will probably have noticed: the album has leaked onto the internet in it's tolality. The album I'm talking about is the eagerly anticipated 14th R.E.M. studio album Accelerate. It clocks in at just under 35 minutes, which makes it their shortest album in their career. A lot of the songs on the album don't reach the 3-minute-mark.

    After what most of their fans (excluding me, but including the band) think is a tragedy, R.E.M. found it appropriate to move in another direction. The premise must have been something like "Let's cut our last album in half and make it twice as fast". A song like Final Straw now comes out as the album opener Living Well Is the Best Revenge. The entire album is very much politically engaged. I personally don't have any problems with that, but maybe you do.

    Living Well appears to be the set opener for this tour (two out of two so far) and I can see why. …