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Q_Snc is the solo project of the Greek keyboardist and composer Vasilios Tsiakalos. He's known for his work for metalbands like Unholy Ritual, Kawir, Daylight Misery, etc. where he's responsible for all keys and orchestrations. Besides this, Q_Snc has created a repertoire of solo-tracks. He also wrote the score for the shortmovie Panspermia.

His discography includes 7 LPs , 3 EPs and 11 Compilations / Promos / Demos.

Filmography consists of the shortmoive Panspermia

His music stands for a futile attempt to infiltrate the quintessence of emotions like grief , melancholy , despair and everything that has an everlasting impact to an individual's psyche.
Structured upon neo-classical foundations , yet bearing the ambiance of minimalism , medieval and baroque genres , and being versatile enough to include electronic elements partially or fully when needed in the synthesis - the music becomes a soundtrack of oppositions.
The end result is intended to comfort the listener with a bittersweet taste , thus making the auditory experience suitable for those willing to experiment with the deepest nucleus of human nature.

Dscography :

Albums :

Daylight Misery - Depressive Icons (2010)

Savaoth - Whispers Often Bleat (I for an I Records - 2009)

Obsecration - The Art Of Butchery (Obse Prods - 2009)

Diabolical Principles - Beyond The Horizon (Witchcraft Recs - 2009)

Unholy Ritual - Rex Mundi (Emotion Art Music - 2008)

Kawir - Ophiolatreia (Those Opposed Recs - 2008)

Everdome - Tales Beyond Oblivion ( Heaven Cross Recs - 2004)

Demos / Promos /EPs / Compilations

Unholy Ritual - Finis Origine Pendet (2010)

Full Moon Over Noricum Compilation (Track "Stealing Flowers From A Grave - Skeksis Netlabel Project - 2009)

Lykaionas - Legions Of The Serpent Race - Split cd with Nergal (Zyklon B Prods - 2009)

In Autumnal Fog 2009 Compilation (Track "A Moment In Grief" - Skeksis Netlabel Project- 2009)

Music Cares About You More Than People Compilation (Tracks "Cryognosis" - "Hiacinthus" - Lomearnor Net Label - 2009)

Daylight Misery - Promo 2009

Shadowcraft - Promo 2009

Spirits Nest Compilation (Track "The Minority Of A" - Lomeanor Net Label - 2009)

Diabolical Principles - Investigating A New Dawn (Obse Prods - 2007)

Unholy Ritual - Promo 07

Emptiness - Forever Exiled (Demo - 2003))

Unholy Ritual - Denial From Heaven (Demo - 2001)

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