• That time again ...

    19 Feb 2007, 09:58 by steeedeeee

    I've listened to a bunch of tracks out of the album context (I was working in the lab, and using WMP) and it's very odd compared to listening to albums. In someways it's good as you hear a bunch of different tracks and don't have to listen to the weaker tracks on an album. On the other hand sometimes bands can suffer a bit as it seems to take a few tracks to get into their groove. I think, for the while at least I prefer listen to albums.

    Those sexy charts.

    Weekly artists (11th Feb 07 - 18th Feb 07)

    Smashing Pumpkins (18 plays)
    The Presidents of the United States of America (13)
    Soundgarden (12)
    Pist.on (12)
    The Almighty (11)
    Metallica (10)
    Punk Cover (9)
    Air (7)
    Dream Theater (5).

    The inclusion of AIR and Dream Theater is a bit odd, I don't normally listen to them, but the DT came on when I was doing a bit of web design, and was ok for that. The AIR came on at lunchtime when I was doing a spot of reading, and again fitted the mood quite well. Odd.