• A3C 2007

    16 Apr 2007, 20:05 by kry716

    While I wasn't involved with promotion/support for the event this year, I still had my 3-day pass from Dumpsterdive and put it to good use, making it out for all three nights to see what ATF and their sponsors (a LOT of sponsors this year, which is a good indication that this production is heading in the right direction) could throw out there this year.

    I can't say that there was a whole lot that stood out on the first couple of nights (not that it wasn't good, just nothing remarkable). On opening night, I was really there to see true-schooler, rapper/producer extraordinaire, Insight. More particularly, I was hoping to catch some live renditions of any Soloplexus or ShinSight Trio songs. Alas, there were none. Though Insight did simultaneously rap and draw a picture, which is something I hadn't ever seen before.

    First time seeing The Smile Rays live and they were somewhere in between "pretty dope" and "eh, maybe a little gimmicky. …
  • BCN Week & ScannerFM presenta: THE BOUNCE en Macarena Club

    9 Apr 2007, 16:05 by DJ2D2


    Venezolana de nacimiento y barcelonesa de adopción, esta chica sabe lo que se hace cuando se pone tras los platos.
    Se encarga desde hace varios años de seleccionar el hip hop y el soul que se vende en la tienda Castelló Overstocks de Barcelona.
    En sus sesiones combina el hip hop más selecto con soul de primera, mezclado con suma elegancia.

    Josh Guillot (también miembro de Beatspoke) y El Chavo (ScannerFM) han unido fuerzas para formar Debilorithmicos. Un proyecto de apenas un año que ya ha dejado huella en la escena underground internacional.
    Este duo de productores barcelonés cuenta ya con colaboraciones de verdadero lujo como Cyne (City Center Offices), Non Genetic de Shadow Huntaz (Skam), Clint Malik (Afrodisiiac) o Psyche Origami (ATF/ Fat Beats).
  • Show Review: Glue, Sol.Illaquists of Sound, Prolyphic, X:144 & SPS: September 5th,…

    6 Sep 2006, 21:36 by kry716

    We were in the presence of genius last night. Multiple geniuses, in fact. Guys and gals with an incredible amount of talent and a dedication to match. Whether or not everyone that was at The Drunken Unicorn last night completely realized the gravity of what was unfolding before them is debatable. But even those who didn't fully understand the skills that were being displayed last night enjoyed the hell out of the show.

    The show opened with a new emcee who goes by the name of Prolific (edit: Prolyphic). A couple interesting facts about Prolyphic: 1) last night was his first ever performance (last night was the opening night of the "Quit Your Dead End Job" tour). 2) all of his beats are produced by Reanimator, which came as quite a surprise to me. Reanimator provides a solid fondation of beats upon which to build a rap career. The performance in and of itself was nothing special, but for it being his first performance ever, it was pretty fucking impressive.

  • Hip-Hop Returns to the Masquerade. For $1.

    13 Jul 2006, 01:54 by kry716

    For all my people in and around Atlanta, I am strongly suggesting you make your way out to the Masquerade (http://www.masq.com) this Saturday night (July 15). Why? You ask...

    Here's fucking why:

    Cadillac Jones
    Psyche Origami
    Collective Efforts
    DJ Lord
    Intellekt & Dirty Digits

    All for ONE DOLLAR.

    Basically, if you don't go, you're a loser and an idiot (no need to be mature about it). What else are you gonna do? Go to Buckhead (bleh). Vision?? (even worse). Hell, you can come to the show and check it out and if you don't like it leave and go do your own thing...after all, you will only have spent ONE DOLLAR.

    Aight, I made my point. Peace.
  • [adult swim radio] A work in progress...

    11 Jun 2006, 23:22 by aphrospice

    Scouring the bowels of the internet for the source of many bump samples have lead me to compile a special tag for my findings. Thus was born.

    WARNING: This is an eclectic mash-up of IDM, Hip Hop, Bollywood and other un-categorize-able goodies!

    [adult swim radio] http://static.last.fm/matt/tinyradio.gif

    [ statistics ] as of June 2006
    Tagged are the identified artist, individual tracks sampled and the source album whenever possible.
    Tagged: 195
    Streamable: 84

    Tagged artists include but are not limited to:
    Victor Vaughn
    Jay Dee
    Fat Jon
    DJ Danger Mouse
    Five Deez
    J Dilla
    Yesterday's New Quintet
    Psyche Origami
    Dr. Octagon
    Dudley Perkins
    Four Tet
    David Fanshawe
    Antonio Carlos Jobim & Elis Regina
    Morris Nightingale
  • Show Review: A3C 2006: March 30 - April 1, 2006: Atlanta, GA: The Loft

    3 Apr 2006, 14:53 by kry716

    VenueThe Loft (link | review)

    Review: The A3C is a trult monsterous undertaking by a relatively small amount of people that just love hip-hop and want to share it with as many people as possible. Packing in about 24 hours of action in a three-day span, showcasing every element of hip-hop is not easy, but for the second year in a row they pulled it off. Of course, when you have about 40 groups booked to come to Atlanta from all over the country, there are bound to be a couple that drop and there was no exception this year. Unfortunately, the two acts that dropped were right at the top of my list as far as who I wanted to see (Mars Ill and Ohmega Watts). (Extra-bad news for Mars Ill fans: we may have seen the last of our beloved group...but I've already said too much). But everyone else was there: Asamov, The Perceptionists, Intellekt & Dirty Digits, X:144 & SPS, Sol.iLLaquists Of Sound, Psyche Origami, Glue, Collective Efforts, Minamina Goodsong, One Be Lo, DRES tha Beatnik, Cyne and uh, a lot more. …
  • The Found Sound: Psyche Origami

    6 Mar 2006, 08:48 by tmills

    Let's face it - I am a living anachronism. If the world were not graced by my presence, the layman's perspicacity for music would be reduced to a hapless amalgam of insipid tripe and overproduced drivel. Given the infinite amount of music facing us and our finite amount of time (I should say your finite amount of time; I don't suffer such limitations) in this world, it would be practically impossible to separate a nugget of pyrite from one of Pterelaos' renowned locks. That's where I come in. With my inestimable wealth of music knowledge and highly evolved sense of audition (my mother once told me that King Midas touched my ears), I've resolved to start a reoccuring column here on last.fm that allows me to bequeath unto my fellow listeners some really incredible bands likely anonymous before now. This essentially eliminates the tedious search for new artists not found on local radio stations.

    Now that I've established my credentials…
  • Show Preview: A3C 2006: Atlanta, GA, The Loft

    19 Feb 2006, 23:23 by kry716

    In an unprecendented move for my last.fm journal, I'm going to do a show preview. For a couple reasons. First of all, it's a very big show (or should I say "event") so it probably deserves a little prelude. Secondly, I haven't written much useful here in a while and there aren't any big shows planned between now and the end of March, so I might as well take up some space here.

    The A3C is a three day independent hip-hop festival held in Midtown Atlanta at the Loft and put together by ArcTheFinger Records (which means I get in for free). The innagural outing was last year, but I was unable to attend as it fell during spring break of my senior year in college, so I was enjoying myself out in California. But I'll be around for it this year. Last year's event included about 20-25 acts and was, from all accounts, a pretty big success (after all, it made it to year two). However, it will be even bigger and better this time around. …
  • Show Review: Psyche Origami Release Party: November 10 & 11: Atlanta, GA: The…

    9 Dec 2005, 04:09 by kry716

    Promo cards for the release of Psyche Origami's latest album, The Standard. These weren't what we used to promote the show, but I don't have any of the handbills left (which is unfortunate, because they were really nice).

    Venue: The E.A.R.L. (review)

    Review: The album release party for arcthefinger record's Psyche Origami (a hip-hop trio made up of two DJs and one MC) was a two day event held in East Atlanta. On Thursday, November 10, X:144, Binkis, and Collective Efforts performed with Psyche O. On the second night, Cadillac Jones opened for PO and there was also an art show by local artist, Dosa Kim.

    The first night was pretty much just your average hip-hop show. We missed X:144, but were there in time to see Collective Efforts, Binkis and Psyche O. The PO cats went high school musical on us and made up a whole gas station-themed set to match the theme of their album…
  • Venue Review: The Apache Cafe: Atlanta, GA

    8 Dec 2005, 00:15 by kry716

    Address: 64 3rd Street, Atlanta, GA, 30308

    Website: apachecafe.info

    Photos: coming soon

    Artists I Have Seen at Apache Cafe:
    CL Smooth
    Mars Ill
    Psyche Origami
    Little Brother

    Review: As an alumni of the Georgia Institute of Technology, and now as a resident of Midtown Atlanta, the Apache Cafe has always been an extremely accessibly venue for me. But for as close as it has always been in proximity to me, it is even closer in my heart (hmm...was that too tacky? I think so). Apache is truly like a second home. Most of that feeling and atmosphere can be attributed directly to the host of Mic Club - a weekley, open-mic emcee battle - DRES tha Beatnik. Prior to any music being played or insults being spit, audience members are forced to introduce themselves to everyone around them. And if you don't, DRES will announce that you are afriad of human contact and suggest that you find the exit door. If you don't want to be family, don't show up.