• Gunpowder: A Survey

    28. Jul. 2009, 23:39 von Scott_25

    a. When/where did you find them?
    b. What was the first song you heard from them?
    c. What country do they come from?
    d. Favorite song?
    e. Least favorite song?
    f. Song that makes you sad/affects you?
    g. Favorite album?
    h. Favorite member?
    i. How many times have you seen them live?
    j. How many physical cd's/dvd's/records/tapes do you have from them?

    So I'm doing this about my top 10.

    a. Sometime in 2004,by listening to this web radio called Accuradio, on the ‘britrock’ station randomly.
    b. New Born
    c. England
    d. Map of the Problematique
    e. The Interlude on Absolution haha. That’s not really a song but oh well
    f. Muse aren’t the best lyricists in the world, but Hyper Chondriac Music is an epic song that just takes you somewhere else.
    g. Absolution
    h. Probably Matt Bellamy, since he’s the most public and the most is known about him.
    i. Once
    j. 5 Albums (that includes Hullabaloo Soundtrack)

    Test Icicles
    a. Sometime in early 2006,right around the time they broke up. …