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There are at least five groups by the name "Propeller".

1) Guitar pop two-piece from San Rafael, CA
2) soviet-era punkrock group from Estonia.
3) four piece indie-rock suite from Groningen, the Netherlands.
4) German guitarist Achim Reichel.
5) Experimental sound art project formed by Mark Spybey of Zoviet France.
6) Progressive rock band from The Hague, the Netherlands (now called Dream Flight to Antarctica.

1. Re-grouping in a San Rafael, CA garage, Propeller climbed out of the ashes of San Francisco's, Varsity Drag (comprised of members of Unbalanced and The Lemonheads), who's debut album "For Crying Out Loud" was released on the UK label Boss Tuneage and received favorable reviews worldwide. Propeller's, "The Fear Of Rock And Roll," blends Greg Randall and Will Anderson's bright melodies with punchy guitar work to produce a solid record chock full of ultra-catchy gems. With standout tracks like "Radio Dials," "Broken Ones," and "So Far Down", Propeller is an essential addition to any music lover who has The Replacements, Husker Du, Big Star, Buzzcocks, Teenage Fanclub and Dinosaur Jr., in their stack.

Listen to more tracks at: http://www.myspace.com/propeller2010.

Propeller is a legendary soviet-era punkrock group from Estonia. It was made up by musicians who played that primitive-sounding, spicy, theatrical music more like for their own fun. Their music was considered travesty, but still it found some too serious interpretation by the authorities this time. So, the band was banned after 3 years of existence (1978-1980). Propeller came together again in 1990 for one concert, then two concerts in 1995 and since 1999 they've been quite active on stages and tours. Though, their music nowadays is considered more nostalgic pop-rock (?), Propeller still has legendary meaning for the scene.

Propeller is a four piece indie-rock suite from Groningen, the Netherlands. It's members come from all walks of life, being science, teaching, psychology and autonomous art, bound by their shared love for music and the artistic.The band has always been a slightly strange phenomenon in the musical scene, constantly changing the style of their music, always interested in new experiments to improve their music, sometimes hidden away in their rehearsal studios for days on end. Taking the artist point of view, music has to be new and ever changing to really make a difference… The band combines elements from rock, mathcore and pop into a tidal wave of musical ideas that try to fool the listener every step along the way. One brief moment the music is harmonic and poppy, melancholic, the next it?s raw and dissonant. During the first half of 2005, Propeller recorded their debut album with one of Holland?s finest indie-producers Corno Zwetsloot, at the 'Next To Jaap' studios. Mastered at Allen Ward's 'Electric-City' studios, it will be released this November by the talented new label Rara Records. Propeller has opened for acts such as the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Nada Surf, while playing venues like the Oosterpoort, the VERA club and Paradiso.

In 1973 German guitarist Achim Reichel took a break from his experimental works with A.R. & Machines to record a 'fun' project, a straightforward rock album, with some of his ex-bandmates from The Rattles and Wonderland Band, a couple of them went on to form Randy Pie.
They released an album entitled "Let US LIve Together" in 1973 which was heavily influence by American southern boogie, glam rock and German hard rock.
Herbert Hildebrandt - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Achim Reichel - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Dicky Tarrach - Drums

Peter Hesslein - Guitar
Peter Wede - Piano, Organ

5) Along with Mark Spybey, the artists involved in this project include Clavdivs Scratch and Keith Scratch. Released a CD called Rame, From the liner notes:

:content:thirty-four scuptures:no titles:no words:

:cover:copper soaked with liver of sulphate,urine:jute:card:void:
:limited edition:hand wrapped:rubber stamped:sealed:

:sounds loaned by r. and m. sanderson,cut 22:

:set machine for random play:send suggested play list c/o:
:scratch records:

:suggested words to accompany music:filch:loci:
:ukraine:pius:supplications:restitution:sound prostitutes:apply:
:baptism:oaks:missile:whistle-machine:the volga:kublin:scribes:

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