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  1. Folk Black Metal from Galicia, Spain.

    Nocturno (Aboriorth) - Vocals, Guitars
    Daga - Keyboard
    Aboriorth - Drums
    O Rei Celta No Exilio - Bagpipe


  2. Balmog is a Black Metal band from Spain.

  3. A Depressive Black metal from Spain (Madrid) , formed in 1997 by 'Ebola'.
    In 1997, under the name of Agaliareth, and after releasing two demos with…

  4. One man Black Metal band formed in 2006 in Pontevedra, Galicia in Spain.

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  6. - A.: Guitar
    - Kv.: Guitar and vocals
    - Th.: Drums

  7. Black metal band from Spain.
    - 2003 - Ekaitz Beltzen Tontorra (demo)
    - 2003 - Iparraren Beldur (demo)
    - 2005 - Maketa' 05 (demo)

  8. Originally formed in 1997, Numen is an extreme music band coming from the Basque Country. They play black metal with some influences of the folk…

  9. 1. Black metal band from Spain (Barcelona).
    AKERBELTZ was formed from the beginning by Lilith & Akerbeltz. After a time, Lilith decided not to…

  10. Raw black metal band from Spain since 2000.

    DAEMONLORD was born in summer of 2000. Kepa was the only one behind the band, so immediately…

  11. Basing the imagery icons on the Catalan Modernism Art, the band’s musical propose transcends Black Metal into a self language developed among…

  12. Hrizg is a one man black metal band from Spain that has been active since 2005. With contemplative lyrics drawing from philosophical and esoteric…

  13. Black metal band from Spain.
    - 2003 - Demo 2003 (demo)
    - 2004 - Iberian Black Metal War (split with Forestdome and Ghazghkull)

  14. Profundis Tenebrarum was a black metal band from Spain (Valencia) that formed in 1995.
    Lyrical themes include Antichristianity, Death & Darkness.…

  15. Official website: www.Drengskapur.de.vu

  16. Black metal band from Czech Republic.
    - 2001 - Armageddon (demo)
    - 2002 - Symbol of Hate (split with Blodarv)
    - 2002 - Chlad Noci

  17. LUX DIVINA Is a poetic concept of all darkened Nature of our imagination. With deep feeling and passion we write our songs. LUX DIVINA's tribute…

  18. Decayed is one of the most important bands in the history of the portuguese black metal scene, along with Filii Nigrantium Infernalium and Moonspell…

  19. Sentimen Beltza is black metal band from Spain (Amurrio, Alava, Basque Country) which plays raw black metal with lyrical theme(s) about death.…

  20. Argar is a, now defunct, Black metal band from Barcelona, Spain. Active between 1996 and 2004, they produced 3 albums: The Flame of Dark Creation…


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